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Top 7 Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles

Written by:Admin | Published In: Hair Care
27 April 2016

We all women want to have a new different hairstyle every day, but because of our certain hair type and the fear of hair damage, we are hardly able to realize this dream. However, dream no more, because we bring you the doable weekly hair schedule that too with proper hair protection and care.  

Following are few over the top, In –trend hairstyle of top Bollywood and Hollywood celebs. Go through the products used, buy them by clicking on them and bang! Try them on whenever you want to! A new hairstyle every day, All week long!


1. Sonam’s Sleek Straight Hair


Sleek, straight hair, in which you can run your fingers, is the dream of most women. Let us tell you the secret of this look:

Products You Can Use:

1.    To begin with, chose a shampoo that can revitalize your hair. We suggest Loreal's Straight Shampoo
2.    OGX’s Hair Butter instead of a conditioner for silky sleek shine.
3.    Schwarzkopf’s Straightening Cream for natural-looking straight hair.
4.    OGX’s Healing Oil Spray for all day UV protection and heat caused by styling tools.
5.    Loreal Strong Hold Hair Styler for a clean, soft shiny finish.

2. Kim’s Voluminous Centre Partition


Kim is well known for her always-classy hair and makeup. This voluminous centre partition is one of her signature hairstyle; let us know what products hold this gorgeous hairdo.

Products You Can Use:

1.    Schwarzkopf Volume Boost Shampoo is ideal to keep hair bouncy and lustrous.  
2.    Loreal Paris Volume Max Voluminizing Spray Hair Styler for long-lasting volume that never falls flat.
3.    Loreal Paris Studio Line Hot Liss Heat Protection Spray Hair Styler protects hair from heat of the flat iron.
4.    Aveeno Dry Shampoo Removes excess oil and help boost volume extraordinarily.
5.    Schwarzkopf Fixing Hairspray Hair Styler provides 24-hour long-lasting hold to the voluminous hairdo..


3. Alia’s Shiny Braid


Braids are today’s cutest trend and there are a lot of them. No matter what type of braid you choose, these products will make sure your braid stays perfect all day long.

Products You Can Use:

1.    Ogx Sensually Soft + Tsubaki Blossom Shampoo create sultry, touchably-soft, tempting hair.
2.    Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream Detangles and Tames the Most Unruly Locks.
3.    Aveeno Nourish Style Hair Volumizer Foam makes hair more voluminous and adds new life. 
4.    Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo for the extra volume.
5.    Aveeno Style Fortifying Spray Hair Styler secures styles all day as it fortifies hair.


4. Karishma Kapoor Waves


Voluminous curly wavy hairstyle of karishma kapoor is an evergreen trend that can never go out of fashion. It may seem difficult to last, but with right products and techniques, it stays for a very long time. 

Products you can use:

1.    Wella System Proffessional Shine Define Shampoo helps cleanse & eliminate residue that makes hair dull.
2.    Bottega Di Lungavita Balsamo Spray Conditioner Balm Repairs Damaged Hair while Increasing Hair Volume. 
3.    Aveeno Dry Shampoo instantly revives hair for healthy manageability.
4.    Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Mess Up Hair Styler for the rough, messed up and rugged hair style.


5. Sonakshi’s Beachy Hair


Everyone is drooling over this cute short beachy hairstyle of Sonakshi. You need not to bath in beach for hair like this, following products are enough!

Products You Can Use:

1.    Wella Keratin Protect Shampoo restores health, shine and radiance to the hair.
2.    Ogx Sheer Hydration Leave In Mist makes hair super-hydrated, soft, shiny.
3.    Schwarzkopf Essensity Volumizing Cream gets you instant, natural volume, body and bounce.
4.    Ogx Moroccon Surf Paste provides matte finish for a super-cool, beach vibe style.
5.    Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Salt Spray Hair Styler gives your hair beachy waves - mermaid-style! 

6. Taylor’s Curly Curls


We all want smooth, perfect long lasting curls like Taylor swift. Can you believe that these are not her natural curls. Yes! They are artificial and you can get them too!

Products You Can Use:

1.    Ogx Quenching + Coconut Curls Shampoo drench your curls with nourishments.
2.    Schwarzkopf Smooth Shine Leave-In Treatment for shiny and full of life curls. 
3.    Aveeno Curl-Defining Spray Gel Hair Styler create touchable soft curls.
4.    Ogx Curl Perfector Serum revives waves and curls to a shiny, bouncy luster.
5.    Loreal Extra Strong Hold Hair Styler offers a clean, soft shiny finish.

7. Deepika’s Puffy Bun


This puffy bun of Deepika has gotten everybody eyes. It is simple, attractive and perfect for every occasion. Let’s unleash this signature look of this gorgeous.

Products You Can Use:

1.    Schwarzkopf Volume Boost Shampoo boosts the volume of thin and delicate hair.
2.    Schwarzkopf Total Repair Leave-In to tame unruly, dry hair.
3.    Schwarzkopf Volumizing Spray Mousse Hair Styler pumps up the volume instantly.
4.    Schwarzkopf Total Repair Heat Protection Spray protects your hair and moistures without overweighing
5.    Loreal Extra Strong Hold Hair Styler holds all day with a clean, shiny and satin finish.


So what are you waiting for? Try one of these hairstyles right now!


Profile picture Reema 2016-06-01

Interesting post !!!!!!!

Profile picture Amrita 2016-05-06

I wish i could have curly hair like Taylor`s

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