8 Ways To Get Beautiful Flawless Feet


Our feet are the workforces of our bodies and they deserve to be treated well. Do not take them granted after torturing them already with high heels and sweaty socks. No matter how busy you are in work, learn how to take care of your feet and toenails by maintaining a good routine. Pamper them to get rid of soreness, and love them for what they do for you.

Ayurveda has always been laying emphasis on foot care because it believes that all meridians begin from the scalp and end in the foot soles. Our science also acknowledges the benefits of a foot massage. Therefore, if you want to get relaxed of tiredness, start by relaxing your feet.

Follow these simple tips to get those beautiful and happy feet:

1. Wear Shoes That Fit You Properly. Wrongly fitted shoes can cause blisters. Avoid shoes that take time to fit in and Try to wear comfortable shoes, especially if your job demands to move here and there. Do not wear heels too much and make sure you bring home the shoes with a proper fit.


2. Soak You Feet. The best way to relax after a long day at work is by soaking your feet in a tub of warm water. Soak hydrates foot skin, soothes muscles and helps you to get rid of pains caused by heels or by long-standing hours. This is the precise reason of all pedicures beginning with foot soak. For better results use Bio Bloom Bath Salt – Foot Soak as it is Enriched with Peppermint and Tea Tree, which will help your feet to relax.



3. For a better circulation of blood to your feet, do not sit cross-legged for longer period, as it limits the blood circulation. Put your feet up in the air when you are at home. Twist your feet and wiggle your toes 3-4 times a day. This would help in a better circulation of blood.



4. Foot skin is generally hard and scrubbing is the key to soften it. After soaking your feet, scrub them with a good quality scrub. Scrubbing removes dead skin cells from the feet and reveals true skin. It cleanses skin, soothes it and refreshes it. The best recommended by our editor is Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub as it is made from all natural Ayurvedic Herbs and Essential Oils.



5. Dear women, keep removing your nail polish time to time. Excess of nail paint can harm your toenails. Make sure that old nail polish is removed properly including all the layers before applying a new one. In addition, Men suffering from smelly feet need to keep their feet dry. Avoid wearing same pair of shoes in a row and opt for breathable material like leather.



6. Massaging is a very important step in foot care as it improves blood circulation and nourishes cells resulting in better supply of Oxygen to nerve cells. Give a good massage to your feet with a good cream. Try Tvam Foot Massage Cream. It is a blend of Ayurvedic Extracts, along with Aloe Vera. It gives a healthy skin to feet by restoring its moisture taken away by pollution.



7. Make a habit to remove your shoes as soon as you enter home. This will let your feet breathe. Our feet sweat too, even if we wear socks and if you do not remove shoes, the sweat will continue to be on your feet. Dirt should not be on your feet longer than necessary, otherwise foot diseases are coming.



8. It is advisable to invest in a good cream if you want your skin to be as soft as a baby’s. Opt for a cream that has Coconut and Vitamin E in it. You could also go for Night Treatments. All you have to do is to apply a good foot cream, put on your socks and sleep. You will wake up with smoother feet. 100% Indus Valley Coconut Grapseed Hand & Feet Cream is the best you can get as it contains Coconut as well as Vitamins.


You can buy all these products from Lovelylifestyle.com .Other than using these tips, practice a high standard hygiene. Cut and file your nails properly and do not forget to respect your feet.



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