Get Buttery Soft Skin Using Body Butter


We love to pamper ourselves. From hand massages to bubble baths, we just adore the feeling of royalty. There are few important skin care products; we cannot go a day without using. Body butter is one gem among them.  Many people are not aware of the fabulous benefits and uses of body butter.  If you grew up using lotions and never had the opportunity to use body butter, you are missing out the fun!

What is Body Butter and How is it different from Lotions?

Body butter is nothing but body moisturizing whipped cream. The moisture provided by body butter is lighter, long lasting and intense. The difference between lotions and body butters is that lotions contain water while body butter contains natural oils and butters.  Water is important for our skin, but it’s after effect brings dryness to the skin.  Therefore, lotions dry our skin afterwards. On the other hand, body butter penetrates our skin’s surface, making it silky soft and visibly smoother.

Will Body Butter make Skin Greasy?

Absolutely not! Unless and until you use body butter made of organic or natural ingredients. The fast absorption of body butter might surprise you into your skin.

How to choose Body Butter?

Just like any other cosmetic product, body butter comes in a large variety. There are many flavors of body butters that you can choose according to your taste. The different types and flavors are Shea, Organic, Lavender, Cocoa, Carrot oil, Aloe Vera, Chocolate, Mango, Almond, Avocado, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Sunflower Seed.

Editor’s Recommendations According to Skin Types :

1. For Dry Skin & Sensitive SkinThe Nature’s Co Lavender & Ylang Ylang Body Butter



2. For Oily Skin- Gulnare Skincare Minty Green Tea Body Butter



3. For Normal SkinTvam Body ButterGrapefruit, Jasmine and Almond


4. For Dull SkinBottega Di Lungavita Linfa Age Toning and Firming Body Butter



5. Skin With BlemishesInatur Herbals Olive Body Butter

          6. Improve Skin Tone: Natio Wellness Body Butter

7. Light Texture Body Butter : Seasoul Lavender Body Butter

8. Hydrating & relaxing Body Butter : Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy Butter

9. Argan Oil Body Butter : Delon Body Butter Argan Oil

Delon Body Butter Argan Oil

10. Anti Wrinkle : Khadi Chocolate & Honey Body Butter


General Suggestion

  • Use these body butters in your beauty regime and feel the difference.
  • Start with a small portion and once it suites you, use on regular basis.




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