Benefits of Using Natural and Organic Products


Switch to Natural Products and Feel the Difference …Enough hype about natural products and their uses, isn’t it? What are they? How can they help us? We are here to clear all your doubts.  Let us first talk about what natural products are. They are made from natural ingredients. We are living in a polluted world and it is awful if we are still consuming and exposing our body with unfriendly items. Your body, at least, deserves few things natural and real. Therefore, you ought to pamper yourself with natural products.

Why Should I Switch To Natural Products When My Current Skincare Products Are Doing Fine?


Humans have a natural tendency to resist changes. You may think that everything you are accustomed to do is the best way of doing it, but if you compare your ordinary skin care and wellness products with the natural and organic products, you will never go back to your products that are just doing ‘fine’.

What Is Wrong in Beauty Products I Am Using Right Now?


  • They are filled with harmful chemicals that you cannot even pronounce. The dangerous ones responsible for cancer and other fatal ailments.
  • Damages your skin slowly or can cause irritation resulting in bruises and scars.
  • Causes unanticipated diseases: According to EWG Skin Deep database, larger dosage of these ingredients can weaken the immunity system and can cause cancer.
  • Centre for Science and Environment’s Pollution Monitoring Lab in India recently conducted a study on 73 different cosmetics and found out that your favourite cosmetic brands contains high levels of metals like mercury (44%),nickel (43%) and chromium (50%).

Is There Any Proof Of These Products Being Harmful?


Proof is on the covers of these products itself. Go through the ingredients and find out how many natural ones have they used in manufacturing those products. In addition, many researches and findings have proved how harmful these products are to your skin and health. The latest one is by the magazine ‘down to earth’. Here is the link It revealed the long list of harmful ingredients famous Indian cosmetic brands have in their products.

What Instant Good Alterations Does One Feel After Using Natural Products?


Natural and organic products have a very pleasant and mesmerizing aroma. The person using them can feel the good feeling and the sense of confidence as well of well-being.

What Types Of Natural Products Are Available In The Market?


All sorts of daily use products are available for you to choose. It includes products under categories like bath care (body showers, face washes, soaps), beauty and personal care (kohl, creams, shampoos, hair oils, essential oils), cleansing (bathroom cleaners, air fresheners), and even clothing (100% cotton). You can get these products online easily.

Why Are Natural Products Expensive?


When striving for health, price should never be a problem. Natural products may be expensive but unlike other harmful brands, they have real ingredients, which are expensive. With this logic, we can predict that the cheaper the product, the less real ingredients it include.

Are Natural Products 100% Natural?


No, 100% natural products cannot be produced and sold as well. If any brand claims that, they are absolutely lying. All products need certain preservatives to stay fresh and durable. However, it is made sure that the real benefits of the real ingredients are not been hampered with.

Can These Products Hurt Me In Any Way?


Natural products may not cure you, but they can never hurt you. Moreover, they do not claim to cure or diagnose any aliments but they are suggestive.



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