Adopt This New Skin Care Guide For Flawless Skin In Autumn Season


Autumn season also known as ‘Fall’ across the world is one of the most waited seasons. Green leaves turns orange, hot winds are replaced by cool winds, Sweaters & jackets are dragged out and you think to close pause your skin care regime, as you will be covering your body in the coming months. Aren’t you thinking the same? If yes then you were going to make a mistake.  You need to uphold a good skin care regime to maintain your healthy skin and avoid getting flaky skin during fall. Practicing CTM technique every day will never cause ay skin problem, even in autumn season. .

Follow These Skin Care Tips To Be Beautiful Throughout Fall And Winter Season:

1.Cleanse Your Body With Creamy Washes:

Fruity body washes are great for summer, but if you use them now, they will dry out your skin. Keep the showers gels aside in this cold season and go for creamy body washes. They will retain the moisture and your skin will breathe. Place a profitable bet on Natural Bath and Body Ultra Rich Shower Crème – Vanilla Butternut.

2.Use Oil Based Scrub:

For fall and winter, Oil based scrubs will do the best work. It is like killing two birds with one stone, you will get the exfoliating benefits along with hydration and good moisture follows. You can Use Nyassa Body Scrub – Tiramisu, it contains sesame oil and brown sugar, which is enough to keep your ski hydrated in autumns.

3.Moisturize Your Skin Everyday:

There is no need to stress upon this point; everyone knows if we want to keep dry skin at bay, we need to moisturize it every single day. To make the best out of moisturizing, apply it after bathing or washing that is the time you can seal the moisture for a long time. Keep applying moisturizer whenever you wash your face or hands. Do not forget to moisture your elbows before they turn scaly.

4.Avoid Bathing With Hot Water As It Dries Skin And Scalp:

Hot water might be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety but bathing with hot water in autumn or winter is not a good idea if you love your skin and hair. Pouring hot water directly onto the skin can dry it out giving birth to wrinkles and fine lines. Similarly washing hair with hot water dries scalp resulting in hair fall and dandruff. Cold shower is good for the skin and hair, but in cold weather you need to maintain a balance, water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

5.Organize A Skin Care Routine And Abide By It:

You might be using skin cleanser, scrub everything and not keeping track of it. Now, as the season is changing and a dry weather is coming, you have to organize a proper skin care routine as doing scrubbing in extreme may harm your skin.  In addition, if you make a skin care routine, you will not have to suffer any kind of irritation because of season change.

6.Sunscreen Is Important In Fall Too:

Just because you will not be going under the scorching heat of sun, does not mean that you do not have to wear sunscreen for the next six months. Sunrays are still harming no matter sun is shining bright or not.  To add more, sun rays are 80% responsible for age spots, red bumps, raised dark spots, wrinkles, dilated blood vessels- to name a few. Therefore, do not stop applying sunscreen even during autumn season if you want to stay young.

7.Don’t Let Your Feet In Boots All The Time:

Don’t stop taking good care of you feet while you wear boots and socks all the time. Exfoliate them, scrub them, clean them and you will not hesitate to wear sandals again when the summers come. When your feet are clean and fresh, you develop the state of ‘Feel good’.

8.Dry Weather Dries Cuticles, Get Cuticle Oil:

Dry cuticles are signs of weather change. Your hand and feet creams are not effective enough to tackle dry cuticles; therefore, you need to invest in a good cuticle oil to take care of those rough and cracked cuticles. Massage with cuticle oil everyday and you will not have to suffer the pain of cracking cuticles.

9.Apply Hand Cream Every Time You Wash Hands:

Your hands need more moisturizing than your body because they have to go through washing frequently. Put a hand crème in your handbag all the time and apply after every hand wash. Your hands will not show wrinkles and signs of aging if you treat them right. Only if you know, hands are the first body part to show ageing signs. 100% Indus Valley Coconut Grapseed Hand & Feet Cream is the best choice in hand creams.

10.Consume Good Amounts Of Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fatty Acids And Fibre:

Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits , papaya etc) is an antioxidant that slows down the free radical damage rate- preventing wrinkles and fine lines, Omega 3 Fatty Acids ( found in Peanut Butter, Fish, Salmon etc) will prevent hair fall  and fiber (apples, pears, herbs etc) will improve your immunity to fight fever.  To be noted kale is a super food that contains all of these essential elements, make the most out of it.

10.Heal Chapped Lips:

Chapped lips is a common problem in winters and autumn. Cold takes the moisture away from lips, leaving them sour and cracked. Apply petroleum jelly, coconut oil, Shea butter to soothe chapped lips or you can choose a lip balm of your choice from our collection. Click here to see lip balm options.




  1. I do follow a proper skin care routine…. thinking of giving a try to another scrub, the one i am using kind of stopped showing results on m skin. Can u plz suggest a good scrub for oily skin


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