Let’s face it, staying fresh in summers is a Hercules task. There are many aspects, which require immediate attention in summers. For instance our diet, Skin care regime, sleep, makes up and clothes etcetera needs to be altered to beat the summer heat and humidity. Follow these few simple summer fixes to keep your cool in this terrible heat:

1.    Cold Showers are Must:

Don’t hesitate from cold water, at least in summers. Choose a nice essential oil based body shower and enjoy the moment. Ogx Cherry Blossom Body Wash  is one of the best you can try.

2.    Keep a Perfume Handy:

Get a small clone of your favorite perfume and dab it on the target areas like behind the ears, wrist, and at inner. Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age Aurum Fragrance Perfume is a great choice (y).

3.    Keep Drinking Water:

Keep a water bottle handy and keep drinking to refresh and hydrate yourself for a instant glow.

4.    Eat More Fruits:


Citrus fruits like oranges, kiwis and grapefruit are full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. They will keep your energy levels high.

5.    Keep oiliness away with a Face Mist:

Face mist is the quickest way to freshen you up. Keep a nice chemical free face mist handy and sprinkle it whenever you feel stricken by heat. We suggest Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist as it Softens, tones, revitalizes the skin.

6.    Use White Kohl:

It will not make you look like a raccoon in this hot sweaty weather. Plus white kajal awakens you up for a fresh look.

7.    Get Waterproofed:

Everything in your summer cosmetic kit must be waterproof. You don’t want your makeup melting, don’t you? If not everything else, make sure your mascara is waterproof. We adore Natio Maximum Curl Water Resistant Mascara Blackest Black.

8.    Ice Before you Apply:

Many makeup experts swear by this trick in hot weather. Gently rub your face with ice before you apply makeup and then pat dry skin. It tightens skin and closes pores for the makeup to last longer.

9.    Avoid Liquid Makeup:

They are more vulnerable to run in this sweaty weather. Therefore, when the temperature is high, prefer powder based makeup and cosmetics. They will run less and will soak up all the perspiration.




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