Lesser Known Winter Tips To Fight And Prevent Dry Skin


Winter’s steamy showers, icy winds and indoor heat can draw the moisture out of your skin and can make it dry, flaky and itchy.Continuous dryness and dehydration results in build-up of dead cells on your skin, which hinders blood circulation. The glow of your skin will be gone just like that and the fine lines will be more refined, only if you ignore to take right care of your skin. However, if you follow these lesser-known winter skin care tips, you will be an owner of smooth and soft skin, that too for all seasons long.

Winter Tips To Prevent And Cure Dry Skin Caused By Cold Streams:


1.  Don’t use foam based face or body washes in winter as they contain sulphate detergents, agents that takes away the moisture from skin. Use gentle cream or oil based products having soothing properties.


2.  Avoid long hot showers as hot water strips off the outer layers’ lipids, which results in irritationand dryness to your skin. Take bath with lukewarm water, avoid loohfahs, pat skin with a soft towel, and follow it by applying good quality body butter.


3.  Winter winds harm sensitive eyes as well. Wearing glares in a foggy day may look weird, so you can wear lenses to protect your eyes. Keep saline tears with you to refresh moisture of eyes when needed. Also make sure your well-moisturised hands are not touching your face too much.


4.  Make use of coconut oil as a natural moisturiser in cooler temperatures as it will stay and keep your skin moisturised for a longer time. It exfoliates the outer dead cells off your skin, making it smoother like never before.


5.  Wash your hands only when necessary. Hand skin is comparatively thinner than the body skin and washing it repeatedly can take away the moisture, which will results in pre mature sagging of hand skin. Do not forget to moisturise hands right after washing them.


6.  Increase the layers of socks and gloves if your toes and fingers are still cold. This would be a good strategy to increase blood flow to the fingers and toes. Avoid all kinds of jewellery or tights garments as they hinder proper blood flow.


7.  Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, as there are evidences of it eliminating skin dryness. The natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids are walnuts, salmon, tuna, flaxseed and canola oil. Or you could rely on supplements as well.


8.  Place a portable humidifier in your room if your heating system does not have it in build. This will add necessary moisture into the air and the dryness of your skin and hair will be gone.  The easy way for the same is to breathe from a hot cup of tea.


9.  Remove flakes by scrubbing a dry body brush on your dry skin. Cold weather results in dead cells on your body and body brush can remove it easily.


10.  Maintain a 10 minutes oiling session every day before shower.Performing this on regular basis is sure to keep your skin soft, supple and smooth throughout the winter season.Olive oil is great to seal the moisture.



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