Skin Care Mistakes Women Make Every Day


Skin is the largest part of human body and also connected to the sense of touch. Healthy skin not only makes one look beautiful but also protects the inner organs of our body. A good skin care routine is extremely important. People know this and sometimes, unintentionally, overdo it.

These small mistakes, if not rectified, maycause early ageing of skin. We have compiled a list of common skin care mistakes that women often make. Make sure you never repeat the below mentioned mistakes:

1. Exfoliating too Much

Over exfoliating can result in removal of the protective layer (barrier) of skin. This exposes the skin to sunrays, pollutants, toxics, etc, causing early ageing of skin. People with oily skin scrub vigorously, eliminating the oily tissues off your skin, causing faster oil production as the natural repair mechanism of skin is hampered. To prevent such problems from taking place, choose a gentle scrub and avoid exfoliating more than twice a week.

2. Ignoring Sunscreen

Did you know that 50 % exposure to UVA rays can occur even in shade? UVA rays penetrate through the outermost layer of skin, the Epidermis. This is a major cause of hyper pigmentation, loss of elasticity and overall ageing of skin. The glass of a car or windows, clouds and even the walls and roof of a building cannot stop these rays. Therefore, one must never skip sunscreen even while working indoors or owing to cloudy weather. It is important to choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and UV protection and apply it every day, irrespective of the weather or the season.

3. Inadequate Water Consumption

The basic unit of a living body is cell, which come together to form tissues and so on. Our skin is also made up of cells and cells are made up of water. Improper amount of water can make the skin visibly dry and flaky. Dry skin is more vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines. Drink a lot of water, cross the line of drinking 8-10 glasses per day.

4. Not Removing Makeup Before Bed 

That is a huge and also the most common mistake. Removing makeup every night before bed, helps prevent acne, clogged pores, black heads and premature ageing. Use baby wipes on the super-tiring days when sticking to the following routine is not possible:

·         Remove makeup using a makeup remover

·         Wash face with cold water

·         Apply a toner and clean

·         Wear a moisturizer

5. Poor Sleep

Not getting required sleep causes the body to release a stress hormone. This hormone affects hair, skin, and brain adversely. It causes fine lines and dark circles to set in. A good sleep is important this and a lot of other reasons. One must try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

6. Applying Skin Care Products With No Knowledge

DO NOT get fooled by a celebrity endorsing a skin product. Find out what’s inside a product before buying it. Analyze if the ingredients will suit your skin and only then start using it. High prices don’t guarantee good quality. Know you skin type, its needs and only then expose it to latest skin care products.

7. Using Someone Else’s Makeup 

Sharing make up with someone is a very common mistake made by women. Using borrowed makeup brushes, mascara, kohl etc, increases the chances of getting skin and eye infections. Sharing lipstick can propagate mouth infections and cold sores. There are many other problems that can also take place without us even realizing the danger.

8. Not Cleaning Brushes Regularly

Brushes that are not cleaned regularly tend to collect dirt, bacteria and germs. People with oily skin need to pay special attention to this, as their skin is more prone to breakouts and bacterial infections. In addition to this, the dirt on the brushes can cause rashes and irritation. Washing brushes regularly should be part of the skin care routine. Wash the brushes with a gentle soap after rinsing with clean water. Wash away the lather and let them dry before use.

9. Ignoring Moisturizing

This mistake is most commonly made by people with oily skin. Moisturizing is thought to cause greasing of skin, leading to acne and sweaty shine. However, water and pollution strip the skin of its moisture, making it flaky and dry. To restore that moisture, applying a moisturizing lotion is important. Find a moisturizer that suits your skin type and use it religiously.

10. Taking Hot Showers

Hot showers are appealing and incredibly relaxing, but should be avoided. Hot water washes away the moisture and natural oils of skin. It can inflame the skin, causing itching, redness and peeling off of skin like fro sunburns. Use warm water instead of hot and never forget to moisturize afterwards.

11. Wearing Makeup During Exercising

Working out causes sweating and sweating opens up the skin pores. Hence, makeup penetrates the Epidermis, clogging the pores and if left the same, breakouts follow. In the same way, if one is wearing eye makeup, it may run into the eyes. It is important to clean all the makeup before hitting the gym. One could remove the makeup and wash the face before a work out and wash, tone and moisturize after it.

12. Using unclean Pillow Cases

Have you been tolerating skin breakouts despite cleansing the face before bed? What if we tell you that your pillow cover is the reason for these breakouts? Pillowcases collect the residues of makeup, dirt, sweat and shampoo when you rest your head on them. Over the night, this residue clogs the pores and causes breakouts. Washing the pillowcases every week helps avoiding acne and other infections that germs may cause.

13. Not Taking Care Of Neck Region

Neck is among the body parts that show the earliest signs of ageing and for this reason skin care routine should not end at the chin. We apply makeup on the neck but do not take care of it the same as the face. This should start right away. Do not forget cleaning, toning, moisturizing and applying sunscreen to your neck and upper chest area either.

14. Use Too Much Toner

Toning removes the traces of dirt from the face but its ingredients like Alcohol and Parabens cause dryness and infections, respectively. This can be very harmful. Alcohol triggers the production of ‘rosacea’, which further increases the risk of acne. Hence, using too much toner inflames and irritates skin, making it more vulnerable to pollution. It is better to avoid using too much toner. It is better to use alcohol and paraben free organic toners, anyway.

15. Not Using Anti-Ageing Products

Soft, healthy, younger looking skin can be preserved by using anti-ageing products after the right age. Our skin renews every 28 days by repairing itself. With age, this repairing function gets impaired, which is the main cause of wrinkles. Anti-ageing products increase the production of collagen, lowering skin elasticity. It is, therefore, advisable to not wait too long before using anti-ageing products. It is better to start using anti-ageing products after the slightest signs of ageing.

Not to forget, it is better to avoid using industrial chemically manufactured products. In fact, one must prefer organic and natural methods if they want to have flawless skin forever.



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