Tips for Waking Up Beautifully!


Have you ever believed when you hear, “turning beautiful overnight”? If not, then it is time to acquaint you with the ways that can make you look beautiful without spending big bucks and using artificial treatments to have a pretty face and long-lasting charisma.

Waking Up Beautiful in Morning is a Prominent Female Fantasy and here are Six Mystic Ways to Bare the Beauty Under Covers, Over Night 

1. Apply Rose Water On Face Before Going To Bed

The best time to use rose water is to apply it before you sleep at night. It will help in removing all dirt and grime that your face has gathered through-out the day. Rose water act as a natural cleanser and astringent and applying it daily before going to bed will help you get a “sun-kissed skin” as you wake up.

2. Put Up Hair On Bun To Have Volume And Waves Naturally

Craze for having beautiful and voluminous Curls in Hair, is still a fad and to have it naturally, is what heart relish for. Pile Hair into a twist on top of your head before you go to sleep, to wake up having beautiful waves naturally.

3. Sleep On Your Back

Lying on your stomach is bad for “beauty sleep”. An average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds which is a lot of pressure to be put on your face every night and cause to early wrinkles on the side of the face you sleep on.

4. Moisturize Your Face, Wipe Out All Makeup

Use a moisturizer to clean your face and take down all the makeup before going to bed. Moisturizing should also include conditioning your eyelashes and hydrating the delicate eye skin. The chemicals are bad for you and can cause acne and eye infections if not wiped out properly. You can apply a moisturiser to your feet too and you’ll feel even more beautiful in your waking hours.

5. Carb Free Dinner

To wake up with defined cheekbones, eat high protein, low- sugar dinner. Avoid rice, potatoes and junk foods. According to the dermatologists when our diet is rich in carbohydrates our features take on soft, doughy appearance.

6. Use Body Butter

Slather on some body butter before you go to bed and wake up feeling smooth and smelling good. Give more attention to dry areas like elbows and knees.

Having a beautiful face and good feel for one’s body is an inescapable desire and to embrace it people go for hefty artificial treatments which can fade away the natural beauty they hold. The best way to look and feel beautiful is to naturally accept the nature’s message – “beauty needs no ornaments”.


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