Tips to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks


We all are aware about one of the very common skin problems called Stretch Marks. Stretch marks affect men and women of nearly all ages and skin types. These stretch marks can be on various body parts like belly, thighs, upper arms, lower back, and hips. Though they are not physically painful, stretch marks can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

They are formed in the dermis, middle layer of the skin. With constant stretching of dermis it can break down those results into stretch marks. Stretch marks don’t all look alike. They vary depending on how long you’ve had them, what caused them, where they are on your body. Let’s discuss about its causes and treatment.

Causes of Stretch Marks

  • Stretch marks often occur in Pregnancy. In the later stages 8 out of 10 women faces this skin problem. As the baby grows in womb the belly skin tends to stretch, making it prone to stretch marks.
  •  Another reason can be Weight Gain, constantly increasing fat in the body makes the skin to expand more than required which results in breakdown of dermis.
  • If any of your close Family Member like your mother or father has this problem then it might develop in you itself.
  • Puberty can cause stretch marks as the body grows quickly and the skin elasticity doesn’t come up with the growth of the body.
  • There can be health issues that can cause stretch marks. Some hormonal changes in the body such as Cushing’s Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome in which body sometimes overproduce hormones and sometimes skin’s elasticity is reduced.
  • Rapidly losing weight creates imbalance in body and one of the visible sign is stretch marks.

Product Recommendation

Aroma Treasures No Stretch Mark Oil

This No Stretch Marks Oil is very effective and innovative way product that helps in reducing and fading away the appearance of stretch marks on any part of the body.

Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age MAMMA Stretch Mark Cream

Goodness of Almonds moisturise the skin deeply and corrects the level of hydration for skin. It nourishes the skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Sebamed Anti–Stretch Mark Cream

This cream comes with a unique Triple Soft Formula with pH value 5.5; it helps in increasing the collagen formation. Improves the texture of skin, fights and reduces the stretch marks.

Votre Body Shaping Kit

Votre body Shaping Kit contains oil & lotion.It smoothes away stretch marks & reduces excess fat.It Helps moisturize skin & leaves it doft & smooth.A body toning treatment at the comfort of your home.

Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit

This combo takes care of each and every requirement of damaged skin. It repairs damage tissues and removes discolouration. The combo restores firmness and natural elasticity of skin.

Home Remedies to Treat Stretch Marks

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera can make wonders for skin. Its healing and soothing properties can be used to get rid of stretch marks. You can rub Aloe Vera gel directly on marks, leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse off.

Egg Whites

Egg Whites Products containing amino acid and proteins are beneficial for stretch marks. Egg Whites are the best source for both. Clean the area with water then apply a layer of egg white on marks, let it dry and then wash with Luke water.

White Sugar

White Sugar White Sugar is a great exfoliator for skin; it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks effectively. Mix a tablespoon of raw sugar with some almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on the stretch marks and other skin areas.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Olive Oil is full of nutrients. Massage olive oil into the affected skin area. This will improve the blood circulation and reduce the stretch marks to a great extent.


Moisturizer Using a Moisturizer right after bathing, while skin is still damp, can help products penetrate better and keep skin soft and supple.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Coconut Oil has a number of benefits for skin and it works in reducing scars on body. Apply coconut oil on stretch marks and leave it overnight.


  1. Natural ways are very effective, that is why I always read articles about natural remedies. And your blog grabs my attention because l realized that stretch marks are one of the biggest concern areas of moms. They spent too much money to try products that are totally useless. Nice tips in the Blog, will prove helpful for sure!!

  2. Stretch marks are a point of worry after pregnancy and i also faced the same. I use Bio- Oil to prevent them but that oil doesn’t suit me. But thank god I got your article and found alternates to my problem. Thank you so much for sharing this blog.

  3. “I was looking for a long time for the product that was available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Finally I’ve found Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark Cream where I saw a difference in the appearance of stretch marks after a several weeks of using it every day.
    Highly recommended!”


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