What is CTM Technique and Why is it Important?


Most women have minimum information about CTM techniques but very few of them actually understand its benefits and even fewer follow the routine.  They follow incomplete routines, resulting in partial effects and sometimes none at all.

For Instance –

  • People do not use a toner regularly. They have no idea why it is important and what purpose it serves.
  • One may not feel the need of moisturizing in summers, but to prevent skin from cracking, moisturizing is important.


You may think your skin is well and you do not really need to take care of it but you do. To keep skin healthy and clear with age, it is important to take care of it.Follow the CTM technique religiously everyday and you will never have to face a single skin problem.

First Step – Cleansing :


Most women follow this step. Cleansing removes dust particles, sweat and make-up from the skin. More attention should be paid to problem areas like the T-zone where blackheads and breakouts are common. Of the plethora of cleansers available in the market, choose according to your skin type. For instance, choose a mild one for sensitive skin.


1 .Avene Cleansing Foam (For Normal Skin)

2. O3+ Deep Concerns Pore Clean Up Cleanser (for Oily & Acne Prone Skin)

3. Dermalogica Ultra calming Cleanser 250ml(For Sensitive Skin)

4. Vana Vidhi Himalayan Natural Seabuckthorn Face wash(For Dry Skin)


Why not to skip Cleansing: If you have put on makeup, toning alone will not remove all of it; cleansing first is vital, as toner will not be able to reach all the dead cells.

Second Step – Toning :


Most people miss this step. Cosmetologists stress on the importance of toning, as it helps to get rid of dead cells and reduce pore size. Toning prevents clogging of pores and makes the skin less prone to bleak heads and breakouts. Using a good toner also helps in maintaining the pH balance of skin which means both oily and dry skin types can be managed. There are three types of toners- Skin bracers or fresheners (like rosewater, for sensitive and dry skin), Skin tonics (for oily and normal skin) and Astringents (best to be applied on skin with scars).


1. Dermalogica Breakout Clearing All Over Toner 118ml (For Acne)

2. La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluid 40ml (Sensitive Skin)

3. The Nature’s Co Rose Hydrating Facial Mist(Dry Skin)

4. Organic Harvest Green Cucumber Toner(All Skin Types)

5. Natio Ageless Rehydrating Toner(Anti Ageing)


Why not to skip Toning: Cleansing does not remove all the impurities and the leftovers are removed by toning.

Third Step – Moisturizing :


After toning and cleansing, the pores are bare and open, resulting in loss of moisture. Lack of moisture makes skin look patchy, sallow, and age faster. It is crucial to moisturize skin. It is utterly important to pick the right moisturizer, complementary to ones skin type. For example- heavy moisturizer for dry skin and oil free moisturizer for oily skin. Light moisturizers, that don’t make skin greasy, should be used in summers as well.

Why not to skip Moisturizing: If you skip moistening, the open pores of your skin will lose moisture leaving you with dry skin and everybody knows dry skin ages fast.


1. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner 250ml(For Sensitive Skin)

2. Avene Clean-Ac Cream (For Oily Skin)

3. SeaSoul Dead Sea Mineral Brightening Cream Spf25(Nourishment)

4. Thalgo Collagen Cream(Anti Ageing)


Don’t forget to scrub once in a while: While this post stresses on the importance of CTM as a complete process, scrubbing is equally important. Weekly scrubbing is advisable using a gentle scrub to exfoliate skin. We recommend Skinyoga Almond Orange Face Scrub

So Don’t be careful every once in a while. Take care of your skin regularly and properly. Make a routine out of it and feel the difference.



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