If You Want To Lose Weight, Never Make These 7 Mistakes


Are you not losing weight in spite of eating salads, giving up on your favorite drinks & foods and exercising regularly? You might be making one of these little, unnoticeable mistakes.

With the expert advice of doctors, dieticians and physical trainers, we present you the list of seven boo boos that we make while trying to lose weight.

Mistakes that most people make while on their Weight Loss Regimes:

1. Not Taking Any Meal Before Morning Workout

Many people exercise empty stomach to avoid consuming calories. Eating a good meal before workout not only provides the energy to take intense workout sessions, but also boosts the metabolism. One may end up really tired and dizzy after such a workout. If one takes an accurate pre-workout meal, they finish the entire session without running out of energy.

2. Taking Processed Health Foods

Processed foods, claimed to be health foods, need to be avoided because they are strong appetite inducers. Your Gluten Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free and High Fiber choices can also make you fat. If you want to avoid gluten and fats, consume naturally Gluten Free foods like Rice and Millets instead of processed ones. Fat-Free Products are high in sugars and carbohydrates, which is fattening anyway.

3. Doing Only Cardio

Studies have shown that weight training is more useful in burning fat and muscle formation. According to gym trainers, having lean muscles increases the body’s ability to lose fat.

4. Consuming High Calorie Post Workout Meals:

Consuming high calorie post-workout meals or cheat meals can spoil all your effort. Losing 400 calories in the gym and sipping a 500-calorie-post-workout smoothie is not a smart move. Look for healthier substitutes and non-fattening, low sugar options and don’t waste all your tiring sessions.

5. Eating Less Or High Proteins

Women need to keep check of their protein intake when trying to lose weight. A smart approach to protein rich foods is required when trying to lose weight. As per doctors and Dietitians, Women need 46 grams of protein per day but too much protein can also hinder weight loss. If one consumes more protein than required, the excess gets stored in the body as fat. Protein bars and drinks are high in sugar as well making foods like eggs better options.

6. Avoiding Sleep

Lack of sleep makes people more stressed and hungrier. Sleep for less than 7 hours can stimulate the appetite and cause leptin levels to go down. Leptin is an enzyme that suppresses hunger. Due to this, people suffering from a lack of sleep end up eating too much and hence, gain weight instead of losing it.

7. Always Doing The Same Routine

It is a common mistake to live on the same routine and not making changes to it. Remaining stuck on the same routine hinders the attainment of desired results. It has been established that variations in exercises, location or even the time of day is important and it not only gives improved results but also prevents boredom.

Weight loss has turned into an obsession and people expect instant results, sometimes going for shortcuts. Avoid making mistakes that you may have to regret later. Everyone’s body is different and the time taken to achieve results also varies.


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