10 Best Natural Baby Products In India


Being a parent of new-born baby is most amazing thing but also the most challenging too. A new born Baby’s skin is 30% thinner than adults that make it delicate and more prone to dryness than adult’s skin. So the products designed for everyone could damage your baby’s skin, its utmost important to look for products that have been specially made for babies. Be wise and alert while choosing the skin products for babies. We recommend top rated picks to maintain the softness and health of baby’s skin.

Best Baby Hair Cleanser

Price-Rs 399/-

This mild hair cleanser is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which has no harsh chemicals. It’s a safe and effective shampoo for babies. Its moisturising properties moist the scalp and removes the toxins. Presence of aloe Vera and olive oil makes it a perfect product for kids. Gentle, pure & natural, it also smells amazing with natural sweet orange essential oil

Best baby pack Shishu Ubtan

Price-Rs 250/-

Another great product for babies is Omved Shishu Ubtan which cleanses, nourish and purify baby’s skin. Ubtan acts as a natural cleanser and an antiseptic to fight with infections. It is a super fine blend of botanicals completely safe for baby’s skin. It contains natural ingredients such as Green gram, White sandalwood, Rose petals, Tulsi leaf, Bandhuka flowers, Haldi. This daily nourishing bath powder is formulated with botanicals, scientifically proven for their medicinal benefits to skin & health.

Best baby Powder

Price-Rs 400/- (Pack Of 2)

Baby powders helps to keep away the discomfort of rashes and heat. Here we recommend one of the best baby powder which has chamomile extracts, Lavender and Rosemary. The powder is loaded with the goodness of nature and is anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Soft and coarse talc, which does not block the skin pores like other talcs. Effectively reduces excessive sweating and body odour. Helps keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Best Baby Massage Oil

Price-Rs 750/- (200Ml)

Almond oil is one of the oldest and effective products for baby care. A light massage with almond oil can enhance baby’s mental and physical strength, along with that it ensures a sound sleep for the baby. This oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which makes it suitable oil for your baby. Pure, cold pressed almonds without any additives or fillers. Promotes deep relaxation and sound sleep

Best Baby Fragrances and perfumes

Price-Rs 949/-

This alcohol free product is a perfect pick for babies. It leaves the babies skin fresh without any irritation of skin. The product nourishes the skin and leaves a mild and pleasant aroma behind.

Best Baby Sunscreens

Price-Rs 1995/-

Baby’s skin is too delicate to protect itself from the damage caused by sun rays. Milk & Co sunscreen is a unique formulation and free of harsh chemicals. So before taking out your little one, do not forget to apply this sunscreen for complete protection. This mineral-based sun protection was developed for the delicate skin of babies and kids, and the moisturizing properties will help skin that’s been in the sun.

Best Baby rash creams

Price-Rs 510/-

Skin rashes are one of the common skin problems of babies especially caused by diapers. Sebamed diaper rash cream is indicated for prevention and relief from diaper rashes. The presence of titanium dioxide forms a protective barrier against substances that cause inflammation of baby’s soft skin. It hydrates, soothe and moisturize the irritated skin.

Best Baby creams and baby lotions

Price-Rs 630/-

The cream is meant to soothe and calm baby’s skin, provide intensive protection for delicate skin of your little one. Sebamed baby cream can be applied on any part of baby’s skin; it cures irritation because of dry skin. It provides moisture and nourishment to infant’s skin. With the pH value of 5.5 it’s clinically proven. To prevent chaffing of high stress areas like knees, elbows, hands and legs. Also ideal for winter. This cream is also ideal for babies prone to very dry or flaky skin. Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft is free from Paraffin/ Silicon oil/ Parabens/ Propylene glycol

Best Baby wash

Price-Rs 390/-

The harsh chemicals of soap takes out the moisture of baby’s skin and makes it dry. Products for baby bath should be wisely picked. An ultra-mild wash active compound for the gentle daily cleansing of baby’s delicate skin we recommend this baby wash; it keeps your baby clean and leaves a mild fragrance. This organic body wash is specially made for delicate and sensitive skin. Skin related squalane balances the skin’s lipid content protecting against dryness and irritation.

Best Baby soaps bars

Price-Rs 400/-

Natural, No artificial fragrances Gentle on skin with any harsh chemicals. Unlike other bars this soap is made with herbal ingredients that moisturize and nourishes infant’s skin. The calming properties relieve skin inflammations and treat the wounds. The soap softens the sensitive skin and floral aroma helps the baby with a nice sleep.


  1. Great article thank you, l have been always searching natural baby products and found this article very useful. A lot of useful information to understand what is best for my baby.

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  3. Nice Post ! Its a serious concern for new moms when it comes to taking a call on what products should be used on sensitive baby Skin. I have always been in favor of using Organic Products that best suit a baby’s skin. Good collection.


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