Summer to Winter Skincare Guide


Winter is almost here and we are all worried. For those of you like me, it’s all about the shivering and lack of sunlight (yes, I need sunlight to function), while for the others, there are dearer concerns like the dry skin, red nose and thick, bulky clothes. We wish we could be the fairy Godmothers to all your problems but your beauty needs are the only ones we can aim at assisting you with. But well, don’t we all have some or the other skin care routine that we swear by? Okay. So, we’re not going to bring in a new one to confuse you. Let’s just talk about perking you existing routine up. Apart from the drink more water, rub oil on skin and don’t take super hot baths, there is more that can be done to save the skin and keep it healthy and lovable. Here are some switches you need to make to transform your summer routine into a winter ready scheme.

1. Switch To Hydrating Cleansers

Hydrating Cleansers

Strong clarifying cleansers can strip the skin of moisture so switch to a mild, gentle & soap free cleanser during winters. Use gel or cream based hydrating cleansers as they work best in cold weather. Using hydrating cleansers would help by cleaning the skin without teasing it and also hydrating it.

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2. Switch To A Richer Moisturizer

Switch to a richer moisturizer

In Winters, the main reason for the skin to become dry is that the outer layers of skin lose their ability to maintain normal moisture levels. It looks rough and flaky and is prone to early wrinkles.This can be due to sun damage, harsh winds or use of harmful irritating skin care products. Dry skin needs a powerful moisturizer to sustain a healthy water balance.

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3. Switch To Hydrating Face Mist

It may seem unreasonable to spray water on your face when the air outside is sharp and chilly, but hear us out. Facial sprays are great for putting moisture back into dry, itchy winter skin while imparting the elusive glow that one normally doesn’t get in the cold, dark winter months. All you have to do is spray the mist on your face and then apply moisturizer. This will trap the moisture in the skin and keep it fresh, hydrated and soft. Just be careful to not use the summer fit ones.

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4. Switch To Mild Exfoliators

Mild Exfoliators

Dry & dead skin can make u look dull. The deal becomes a little tricky in winters because as important as exfoliation is to clean the skin, teasing dry skin with an exfoliator can be disastrous. Use a cream based gentle & non-abrasive exfoliator in winters to remove dead skin cells and dust stuck in the pores., without stressing the skin out.

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5. Switch To Hydrating Masks

Winter weather is tough on our skin. With cold air outside and heated indoors and hot showers, our skin suffers. When this happens, hydrating face masks are a great way to soothen the skin, keeping it innately hydrated and moisturized.

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6. Switch To Moisturizers with SPF

Switch To Moisturizers with SPF

Opt for a moisturizer with SPF. However, if you’re thinking of giving up wearing a sunscreen altogether, think again. Though the Sun is less intense in winters, it can still cause photo ageing and skin damage. Also, UVA rays can penetrate through almost all walls you may hide behind and hence, one must continue wearing sunscreen even in winters. Or atleast stick to a moisturizer with SPF.

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7. Switch To Tinted Moisturizers

Switch To Tinted Moisturizers

Makeup products often contain compounds that can cause dryness. Replacing these with tinted moisturizers will give the skin the required hydration and also help maintain the clear makeup look. It is also important to choose the right type, with humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin that absorb moisture from the air around them. Oily ones also help by trapping moisture in the skin. For this, avocado oil and other natural oils can help to protect skin from dryness.

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8. Switch From No Serum To Serum

Switch From No Serum To Serum

Serums are simple leave in products that can hydrate and brighten the skin instantly as they ensure deeper penetration into the skin. Use of these products keeps the skin supple and fed continuously. They can be used as night treatments or in day creams that contain them as skin nourishers.

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9. Switch To Oil Based/Organic Makeup Removers

Switch To Oil Based/Organic Makeup Removers

We all agree that it is mandatory to remove all makeup before bed. However, most products fit for that are alcohol based and alcohol is known and used for its dehydrating abilities. Hence, to remove makeup in winters, it is better to use organic products or products that do not compromise with skin’s hydration.

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10. Switch to Non-Waterproof Makeup​

We love waterproof makeup because it doesn’t get washed out due to sweat in summers and stays but when we wipe our skin repeatedly. However, since you do not face those problems in winters, it is a great option to switch to regular makeup as it’s lighter on the skin, contains lesser chemicals and can be washed away with simple facewash, instead of strong chemicated removers. One can also start opening up to organic makeup products.



  1. Amazing tips! Cool air and winter winds are tough on the skin. So I love to pick the products that are designed to moisturize, nurture and protect! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the winter skin care tips. I thought this post help your skin in winter session. And must try to follow this tips in winter.

  3. Tea tree oil is a good cure for dry skin in winter regular use will help you keep your skin hydrated for longer time,its also leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and glowing.


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