Rica Wax, for a Gentle and Nourishing Waxing Experience


Rica is an Italian brand operating in the hair care and body care products since 1994. The brand is present in more than 60 countries worldwide. It offers natural treatments using natural resources of Sicily and its volcano Mt.Etna. The brand has specialised in producing the wax made from natural ingredients, all you need to do is just choose your wax according to your skin type.

For a number of ladies waxing causes rashes and red spots post wax because of the presence of colophony, it’s a sticky substance used in wax for complete hair removal which sometimes becomes a cause of skin allergies. Rica wax provides protection from various skin allergies like rashes red spots and acne after wax. Rica wax is 100% free of Colophony.

Why to choose Rica wax over others


Waxing is a slightly painful process which needs to be done once or twice a month. Variety of waxes is available in market but let us tell you why to choose Rica wax over others.

  • Rica is a “98% natural, vegetable and plant-based wax” that is free of colophony.
  • This wax doesn’t need to be heated as long as regular honey wax so No risks of burning
  • It feels gentle on the skin and gives you an almost painless waxing experience.
  • If you also have extra-sensitive skin then definitely Rica wax is perfect for you.
  • The brand offers a great range of flavoured wax serving the need of different skin types.
  • Rica products include the pre-wax gel, wax jars and refills, and after-wax lotion, which is a complete collection to give you a comfortable and satisfying waxing experience.
  • These waxes has antibacterial, moisturizing anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing action.
  • For a long lasting result and for the best care of your face.
  • Rica products are specifically designed for skin treatment pre and after waxing.
  • You can experiment with these products right at the comfort of your home!


Rica Wax According To Skin Types-

dry skin

Very dry skin

normal skin

normal skin


Let’s have a look at the best sellers of Rica wax range.


1. Rica White Chocolate

The wax is specially made for dry and sensitive skin type. White chocolate energises and revitalizes the Skin and at the same time restore the skin and it’s Delicate Fragrance.


2. Rica Dark Chocolate Wax

Dark Chocolate is a skin friendly ingredient that helps keeping your skin healthy, glowing and just flawless. Protect your skin from UV rays. Keeps your skin moist and removes the dead skin cell.


3. Rica Aloe Vera Wax

Aloe Vera is known for its healing, soothing and hydrating properties.  This wax is Rich in Mineral Salts which nourishes and moisturise the skin deeply. Suitable For Sensitive Skin.


4. Rica Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax is enriched with Avocado Butter Oil and milk to nourish, moisturize and tone the skin. It is meant to be used for sensitive skin, with almost no irritation. The thin application allows for a much quicker drying time in comparison to other conventional waxes.


5. Rica Argan Oil Wax

Argan oil has exceptional soothing and moisturizing properties. The absence of Colophony makes this wax the ideal choice for sensitive skin. Skin is left hydrated and calm post epilation.


6. Rica Cotton Pre-Epil Gel

The gel is made from natural ingredients; it properly cleanses and prepares the skin for depilation, leaving it dry. It has Cleansing, Antiseptic, Softening and Soothing Properties. 


7. Rica After Wax Argan Oil

This After wax Argon Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega-6, Phytosterols and essential fatty acids that ensures a moisturizing and nourishing action on the skin, while removing any residual wax. It has Protective, Calming, Moisturizing and Refreshing Properties.


8. Rica After Wax Aloe Vera

This after wax lotion removes any residual wax. Aloe Vera Extract absorbs quickly into the skin and reduces redness and soothes and moisturizes stressed skin. This non-greasy lotion contains a UV filter.


9. Rica Waxxo Wax Heater

The heater is perfect source for melting the wax. It comes with a temperature regulator and is Suitable for Rica Wax 800-ml Jars.


10. Rica Cartridge Wax Heater

This heater is used for heating RICA Wax refills comes with a plug cord. Experience a smooth and gentle waxing experience at home with this 3-piece kit from Rica. It features a roll on applicator for easy and smooth application. You can easily heat the wax in the wax heater.


11. Wax Strips

Waxing can help exfoliate the skin while it also removes hair just perfectly. Waxxo wax strips come with an easy grip tab that makes the waxing process quicker and simpler. It gives beautiful smooth skin for a long duration in easy steps. 


12. Starter Kit

Rica Wax Starter kit contains  3 Wax Jars, 1 Pre Wax Lotion, 1 Post Wax Lotion, 1 TNT Waxing Strip, 1 Wooden Spatula, 1 Wax Jar Heater. A complete set of products required for a perfect waxing experience. 



  1. I recently went to the parlor and the beautician suggested me to try the Rica wax. I’m glad I listened to her since it doesn’t cause any inflammation after being waxed!


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