Rosemoore: The Creator of Enthralling Fragrances


Ever happened that cookie of that new restaurant reminds you of your mother’s kitchen. It is because our mind retains fragrances for a long time. Other than remembrance, fragrances have the capability to affect many factors of our body. Moods, behaviors, emotions, sleep- to name a few.

Rosemoore, the most- successful UK and Europe based brand has entered the Indian market with exclusive-finest-high quality scented products. Specially designed and beautifully packed, Rosemoore products are all set to advance the ambience of your house. They not only help you in achieving a better home atmosphere but also act as best gifts for any kind of occasions.

Things you need right now to bring aroma in your house

1. Air Fresheners

They create an instant burst of fragrance in your home. However, do not go for the chemically manufactured fragrances. Natural fragrances bring a charismatic aroma to your house with no harms of chemicals. Try Rosemoore Home Scent – Lemon Grass.  The famous fragrance of lemongrass provides a calming, refreshing smell.

Uses of Air Fresheners:

•             Enlivens rooms and closets

•             Removes bad odors from bathroom and kitchen

•             Provide an Instant Burst of Aromatic Fragrance

•             creates refreshing ambience

•             Best to use in car while traveling

•             Kills harmful pathogens in air

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2.Scent Sacks

Scent sacks are a new thing in the world of fragrances. A beautiful sack is filled with scented beads and then placed or hung somewhere in the house from where the fragrance can spread.  These are made up of concentrated essential oil and can fill your room or car with incredible fragrance for at least a month. Invest one time by using Rosemoore Scent Sack – White Jasmine.

Uses of Scent Sack:

•             Can Easily be Hung On and Placed

•             Provides a soothing fragrance wherever placed

•             Helps in better sleep and relaxation

•             Place in it cupboards, bathrooms, lockers, kitchen, bedroom, office, classroom and even gymnasium.

•             Nothing to spray or worry, its automatic.

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3.Scented Candles

Candles are a great way to create aroma with a romantic ambience. The wax candles are hand poured and fragranced to provide a long lasting aroma to whatever place it is positioned. Wax is mixed with essential oils, when candle burns, essential oils are released and it lasts for a very long time. Rosemoore Scented Pillar Candle -Driftwood is one of the finest scented candles you can find.

Uses of Scented Pillar Candle:

•             Each Pillar candle Burns for Approximately 50 Hours

•             Looks astonishing while burning

•             Twin color provides an remarkable ambience

•             Works amazing at a dinner date

•             Use it while meditating

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4.Potpourri Boxes

Potpourri is a natural air freshener made by mixing dried spices with petals. You could even make your own Pot Pouri but make sure the ingredients are dry and not moldy.

If you do not have enough time to make your own Pot Pourri, Buy Rosemoore Box Scented Pot Pourri – Bergamot & Geranium online. Hand selected flowers and spices are blended with essential oils to give a mesmerizing fragrance.

Uses of Box Scented Pot Pourri :

•             Smells good and looks beautiful

•             Long lasting fragrance for around 1.5 Months

•             You will be inhaling all natural fragrances.

•             It is great to gift to your near and dear ones.

•             Makes cupboards, rooms and bathrooms smell fresh

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5.Reed Diffuser

This is the hottest trend right now in fragrance world. They are great for the places where candles are not allowed like in classrooms, offices, nursing homes, etc.  would look good at all these places.Reeds are inserted into a glass jar of scented essential oil to diffuse fragrance in the room. Do not replace reeds with wooden or bamboo sticks, they won’t work!

Uses of Reed Diffuser:

•             Natural Reeds spreads fragrance effectively

•             Lasts for around 2.5 months after opening

•             It is safe, as it does not need heat or fire.

•             Provides Fresh, woody, warm, spicy odor of ginger Lilly

•             Pure essential oils filter the harms of air.

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Diffusers are used to spread the molecules of essential oils in air. Diffusers come in many types like reed, electrical. You could choose your diffuser according to home type and choice. Reed in mentioned below and the best electrical diffuser in the market is Rosemoore Aroma Diffuser – Indus White.

All you have to do is to put few drops of your favorite scent in water and pour the solution into diffuser, followed by switching on the diffuser.

Uses of Aroma Diffusers:

•             Looks attractive, resembles a show piece

•             Diffuses essential oil in a better way

•             One Fill Up Lasts Up to 8 Hours

•             Great way to experience aromatherapy in your home

•             Put lavender or jasmine essential oil in diffuser for a refreshing environment

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Make a signature scent for your house, cafe or office by using the above-mentioned products. No one will ever forget the scent of your house and people will strive to visit your home, office or restaurant. Your Worth-a-million bungalow or two-room house is incomplete without a good aroma. Understand the need and get these aromatic products in your house right away!




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