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Thalgo have been producing Marine products for spa and beauty since 1964. The brand is committed to beauty and more beautiful natural. The brand’s philosophy makes it the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics. Thalgo specialise in using marine ingredients, with elements such as algae, vitamins and amino acids to help hydrate, protect and cleanse the skin. Thalgo is Made in France which offers a wide range of products for all types of skin problems. The brand offers spa essentials, Skin Tonics, Cleanser, Creams, Exfoliator, Masks, Serums, and many more products. The brand serves in a number of countries all over the world.

Why Thalgo is better

Beautiful skin is the best accessory one can flaunt, Thalgo products helps the skin to look smooth, glowing, flawless and beautiful THALGO is inspired by thalassotherapy, spa treatments that use real seawater and seaweed to effectively treat a range of conditions from skin problems The quality of Thalgo products that makes it more special and better than other cosmetics is presence of marine extracts. Packed with natural minerals and essential trace elements helps in regeneration of new healthy cells which promotes healthy and glowing skin. The ingredients in Thalgo Products help to strengthen skin barrier function and boost hydration. Skin care benefits of marine elements offers anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects, it acts as exfoliating agent, healing agent, firming agent and strengthening agent. 


Top Selling Thalgo products

Presence of toxins inside skin makes the skin look dull and lifeless. For a bright and fresh look one have to get rid of these toxins, dead skin cells or any excess fluid. Here is the description of top selling products that can help you remove all such toxins and give you a flawless skin. 

1. Thalgo Hydra Marine 24 hour Cream

The cream revitalises and boosts skin radiance. It helps in deeply moisturising the skin for 24 hours. Luxurious and rich texture of this cream makes the skin velvety smooth with a light fragrance of tea and white flowers. The cream helps in retaining the lost moisture and glow of the skin. 


2. Thalgo Collagen Cream

The cream is very smooth, light and moisturising.  Texture of cream is not greasy at all and does not irritate blemishes. The ingredients like amino acids and glycerine rehydrate the skin and diminish the first sign of ageing.  It contains moisture that support and stimulates the natural collagen production of skin.  This cream is recommended for all the beauties above 25 years. 


3. Thalgo Oxygen 3 Defence Fluid

Thalgo Oxygen 3 Defence Cream contains Complex O2 an anti-free radical, and Lipomist which moisturizes deep down. The powerful effect of the cream retains the radiance and softness of skin. It does not contain parabens and mineral oils. It provides protection to skin from harmful UV rays. The cream gives you a complexion that is even and full of life. 


4. Thalgo Hyaluronic Cream

The cream has a rejuvenating force that erases fine lines and wrinkles. The product is ideal for ladies above 30 years who demands a cream for daily use which can help the skin to fight the signs of ageing. Thalgo Hyaluronic Cream restructures and restores suppleness of the skin. It should be applied twice a day for best results.


5. Thago Ultimate Time Solution Serum

This paraben free formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid. It gives a wonderful glow to skin, face looks smoother and firmer. The active formula instantly plumps the skin and reveals the natural beauty. The serum has fragrances of white flowers and fruity harmony. 

The major benefit of this product is that it reduces the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, evens out the skin tone. 


6. Thalgo Ultimate time solution Eyes and Lips

This precious concentrate of active marine ingredient has the benefits of anti-ageing, anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles; it is specially formulated for the most delicate skin around the eyes and lips. There are very less options in cosmetics that are only meant for lips and eyes together. Thalgo provides this amazing product for the ultimate eye and lip care. Regular use of this solution redefines the lip contours and banishes signs of fatigue on eyes. 


7. Thalgo Brightening Regulating Essence

This essence works on cell renewal and melanogenesis. The product is suitable for all the beauties who wish to have a bright, clear and flawless skin. It makes wonder for those who have pigmented skin and marks. With the regular use of this formula the appearance and complexion is dramatically improved. Young, beautiful and clear skin is everything a woman wish for, this product is an ultimate solution to all the women. 


8. Thalgo SPF50+ Age Defence Sunscreen Cream

We all know that UV rays are harmful for skin, exposure of skin to sun can cause various skin problems such as sunburns, tanning, acne, damaged skin cells. To fight against all such problems Thalgo provided an ultimate solution. This sunscreen cream has a smooth texture which is non-sticky and non-greasy. The cream not only provides high protection from sun but also preserves the skin’s youthful appearance. 


9. Thalgo Indoceane Sweet and Savoury Scrub

Exfoliating skin is one of the most important part of skin care regime. Thalgo offers an amazing scrub which has the goodness of sea salt, Caddonade Sugar and plant essential oils. This scrub efficiently exfoliates skin and along with that it regenerate skin cells and nourishes the skin.  It helps in improving the skin texture by eliminating rough patches. After using it skin feels clear, soft and smoother. The scrub contains a mild fragrance of Mediterranean essential oils. 


10. Thalgo Intensive Hydrating Cream

Thalgo Intensive Hydrating Cream is made to treat dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin. It is enriched with extracts of Algae Bleue Vitale, a cell energising complex. This cocktail  works best after a strengthening massage on skin. It’s a best solution for thirst quenching skin, it deeply moisture and hydrates skin. A perfectly hydrated skin is always glowing, clear and more resistant to external assaults. 


11. Thalgo Nutri- Soothing Cream

The formula is enriched with cold cream marine which deeply nourishes and soothes very dry skin. It provides a protection to skin from extreme weather conditions. Thalgo Nutri- Soothing Cream has the goodness of algae corn, soya, wild rose and borage oils which altogether treat the problems of dehydrated skin. It helps in restoring and maintaining the natural moisture of dermis. 


12. Thalgo Hydra Marine Mask

Goodness of Seve Bleue from oceans as an ingredient in this mark actually makes wonders for skin. The mask shows an instant result as the skin looks plump, smooth and beautifully radiant. This mask has a skin perfecting water which reaches deep down the skin and effectively treats the skin’s problems. It boosts detoxification process of the skin cells. The instant results of this mask make it far better than others. 



  1. Great Article. Thalgo Hydra Marine 24 hour Cream is brilliant goes on well and not greasy. It has made a improvement to my 65 yr old skin its in lovely condition.


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