Bottega Di Lungavita means Shop for a Long Life


Bottega Di Lungavita is a 30-year-old Italian brand that offers natural cosmetics and dietary supplements. Traditions are combined with scientific innovations for our better well-being. The brand is in a commitment to provide their customers with a wide range of herbal, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products that are both natural and effective. This best ever range fulfils the need of every individual going through smog, dust, pollution and oxidation that threaten skin and hair every day.

Noble Price Winning “Stem Cell Technology” is used in manufacturing products at Bottega di Lungavita.

USP’s of their products:

  • Products are made at the town San Pellegrino Terme in Italy.
  • Water of this place was used by Romans and is appreciated around the world for its healing properties.
  • Have properties of purifying and disinfecting the anti bacterial and anti mycotic activities.
  • The products of this brand leave the skin extremely Soft, Smooth and Perfumed.
  • Excellent Emollient and Protective Properties
  • Detoxifies, Hydrates, Purifies and Protects the Skin Barrier.
  • A Real Regenerating and Deep Beauty Treatment
  • Provides a Sensation Delightful Wellbeing
  • Activates, restructures, and re-enforces the skin defenses.
  • Special technology of colloidal Platinum is used.


 Vita Age Prestige

All the products of this range are exclusive treatments for ageing. The creams and serums firm the tone. Skin density and elasticity of skin is preserved with Vita age prestige range of Bottega di Lungavita. Colloidal platinum enriched prestige products are suitable for everybody. The natural ingredients soften hydrate and nourish the skin from within. The formula is great for preventing and delaying the ageing process.

Prestigious products from Vita Age Prestige:

1. Body Fluid (fight skin ageing, preserves skin density, elasticity of body skin)

2. Face Cream (Precious for skin ageing and toning)

3. Vials Treatment (intensive and plumping anti aging action on the face contours)

4. Face Serum (Promotes Hydration, Elasticity and Skin Cell Turnover )

Vita Age BIMBO

The Italian word BIMBO means babies while Vita age means long life. The Vita age BIMBO product range by Bottega di Lungavita is dedicated to provide proper skin and hygiene of babies. The whole range is manufactured keeping in view the delicate skin of babies and the ingredients are used accordingly.

This Range Takes Care Of Baby’s :

1. Nappy rashes (Vita Age BIMBO – Nappy Rash Cream Nutriprotective Paste)

2. Bath (Vita Age BIMBO – Delicate Bath Cream )

3. Moisturizing(Vita Age BIMBO – Softening Hydroprotective Cream)

4. Smelly body (Vita Age BIMBO – Baby Aqua-Delicate Fragrance)

Sol Leon

Is a wide range of sun products. Sol means SUN and Leon means ‘lion strong’. Sol Leon range fights sun and its UV rays like a lion to protect your skin from tanning. Other than sun protection, the products from this range also help to reduce ageing and wrinkle. This line of products is a genuine and most famous category from Bottega di Lungavita.

Sol Leon Product Variety: 

1. After Sun Cream Face (To remove redness after sun exposure)

2. Suntan Cream Body (in SPF 20,30 and 50)

3. Suntan Spray (In SPF 20 and 50)

4. Suntan Spray SPF 30 Special Baby (Spf 30, Specially for baby skin protection)

Vita Age Mamma

It’s a range of products for new moms, who are breast feeding their children. The cosmetics under this range are made from plant extracts are perfect for the women who just delivered babies. Delivery leaves lot of beauty issues like stretch marks and dry skin.  Get ready for the tough time with Vita age mamma range of Bottega di Lungavita. All the products contain the goodness of Almond and Rice, which works perfectly for the nutrition of new moms.

Products to take care of Moms and To Be Moms:

1. Stretch Mark Cream (Vita Age MAMMA Stretch Mark Cream)

2.  Breast care (Vita Age MAMMA Nutriprotective Dermogel for breast care during pregnancy & feeding)

3.  Body Butter (Vita Age MAMMA Body Butter)

Linfa Age

Is the most important and known products range from Bottega di Lungavita. The Skin, face and body care products are made from natural Plant extracts for all the skin types like sensitive, reactive, senescent , devitalized, dry , greasy and impure. The best part is that the products are made from natural ingredients and thus are super effective in whatever way they are used.

Exclusive Linfa Age Products from Bottega di Lungavita:

1. Cleansing Milk (Linfa Age Cleansing Milk for Oily Skin)

2. Shampoo (Linfa Age Hair Fall Prevention Shampoo)

3. Bath and Shower Gel (Linfa Age Energizing Bath and Shower Gel with Ginseng and St Johns Wort)

4. Peeling Facial Mask (Linfa Age Peeling Velvet Effect Facial Mask)

These are top 5 product ranges from Bottega di Lungavita. Other than these, there are ARMONIE D-ITALIA, Balsamo, Bioclarine, Dermoclarin, Linea Casolare, PORTOFINO and few other remarkable natural products ranges.

Keeping above ranges, products and their USP’s in mind, Bottega di Lungavita! I mean shop for a long life!




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