Go Ahead and Color Your Hair


Coloring hair is an evergreen trend. It can never go out of fashion! Brunettes go blond and blondes go brunette. Hair color is the first step of changing ones look. The trend is not limited to youngsters; old people need hair coloring more. Nobody likes grey hair, the sign of ageing! Though it’s a hot-favorite in Hollywood.

When we think of hair color, what come to our mind are chemicals and hair fall. Let me clear that Misconception. Not all hair colors are harmful. If you want to dye your hair and fear the consequences, natural-organic hair colors are the best picks for you. We, at Lovelylifestyle, have a good range of natural hair colors that will give you healthy -colored hair, without harming them.

There are three types of people who color their hair :

  • Look Changers
  • Damaged Hair
  • Hide Signs of Ageing or Grey Hair

Hair Colours : To Change Your Look

Young people usually want hair color for their better looks. We want to make sure that first time should not be bitter and if you are a regular hair color user, try using a natural hair color that:

  • Should be free from all kinds of synthetic fragrances, colorants, preservatives.
  • Should not hamper with the natural structure of hair.

Our Recommendations:

Hair Colours : For Damaged Hair

The experienced people, who are suffering from damaged hair already because of past mistakes and do not want to harm their hair anymore. It is advisable for them to prefer organic hair color instead of putting more chemical on their heads. Go for a hair color that:

  • Can restore the lost beauty and health of hair
  • Does not hamper with the hair structure.

Our Best Suggestions:

Hair Colours : To Hide Grey Hair

Finally, third are the elderly people, who wish to hide their ageing signs with the help of hair color. Use natural hair color and you would not have to suffer the consequences of harmful chemicals in old age. Adopt following suggestions before dying your hair:

  • Avoid chemicals that can cause breakage to hair.
  • Chose a hair color that contains herbs like Henna, Methi, Amla, Hibiscus, they leave hair Shiny, Thick, and Lustrous.

Our Best Hair Colors:

Don’t worry about coloring your hair now, just do it!



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