Hair Care Tips For Different Hair Types


Hair reflects personality and creates identity. Whenever someone decides to change the looks the first thing that has to be transformed is hair. Well, that is quite obvious, because the first thing to be seen when we look at someone’s face is hair. For beautiful hair that leads to perfect looks you have to take good care of your hair and for that it is must to know your hair type. Different hair types need care in their own way and according to their own requirements. Let’s discuss about various hair types and products to be used for them.

Oily/Greasy Hair

Oily hair looks neglected and is considered a blemish in a person’s looks. Hair roots come with sebaceous glands, which secrete an oily substance called sebum. Sebum keeps the hair healthy and smooth and it keeps the hair from excessive drying and from breaking. Excessive sebum production is the cause for oily hair. The products to be used for must be chosen according to the need of situation.

Routine you can follow

STEP1: Clean your hair with

STEP2: Conditions your hair with

Dry/Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is hard to handle and style, it’s a daily battle.  Frizz is a result of a lacking hair care regimen, and that is because a little extra effort is all it takes to tackle the problem. The main cause of frizzy hair is lack of moisture. The cuticle layers on hair strands need moisture to make them smooth. Do Things Differently to Find Out What Works Best. Here we are to help you out in choosing the best products.

Routine you can follow

STEP1: To control dryness use

STEP2: Conditions your dry hair with

STEP3: Massage scalp using

STEP4: Nourish your hair by applying

Damaged Hair

If your hair has a rough texture and good hair days are a thing of the past, you need to pay more attention towards your hair. Lack of moisture reduces  sheen of hair and can make them appear frizzy, lifeless, and dull. Start using effective hair care products now to help your damaged hair look better in the short run, while bringing it back to good health in the long run.

Routine you can follow

STEP1: Shampoo that can be used

STEP2: Condition hair well with

STEP3: Repair your strands with

STEP4: Serums can help your hair to retain moisture

Static or Flyaway Hair

Static hair is caused by hair that lacks moisture and a dry environment.  Girls with thin, limp, fine hair are hit hard with static. Hair sticks to our cheeks, flies away from our heads and ruins the whole look. The charge that builds up during dry weather causes hair to repel one another (like two ends of a magnet) and that’s when you get static flyaway. Here are some tips tackle with static hair

  • Get an ice cube and run it over your flyaway hair.
  • Avoid using a plastic comb
  • Apply some light moisturizer or hair serum over your ends
  • Most simple way is just apply water
  • Conditioning your hair helps keep it from drying out and breaking into flyaway.

Routine you can follow

STEP1: Shower Once a Day with

STEP2: After shampoo condition with

STEP3: Use the spray to control the charge on hair

Fine Hair

Having fine hair does not refer to the actual number of hairs on your scalp. Fine hair is hair in which the diameter of each individual strand is fine. As each hair has an oil gland attached, fine hair has the tendency to get oily and limp quickly. If you have fine hair, your hair will feel thin and lack natural body and bounce. To fix this problem we suggest some products which will help to style your fine hair in a better way.

Routine you can follow

STEP1: Rinse your hair using these cleanser

STEP2: Oil your hair

STEP3: You can use hair mask for your fine hair

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