How To Choose Hair Oil Based on Hair Type


Head massage, particularly known as ‘champi’ in india, had been there from generations and many of us still massage our heads every week before washing. Oiling your hair every once a week strengthen roots and prevents premature greying.

Different people have different hair types. Some have dry hair while some have oily, some have straight hair while some have curly. There is a large variety of massage oils at according to different hair types. Identify which massage oil is suitable for your hair by going through the following recommendations by our experts.

For Different Hair Types

1.   Normal Hair

Normal hair is neither greasy nor dry. Hence, it is important to treat them right to maintain that neutrality. Coconut and Amla Oils are best recommended for normal hair. Amla contains essential fatty acids that strengthen the hair follicles and condition them. While Coconut Oil has antibacterial properties and nutrients that help in protecting hair and scalp from bacterial and viral infections.

Recommended Natural Oils For Normal Hair:

2.   Dry Hair

Dry hair are normally dull, prone to split ends and easily tangled.  The oil required for dry hair should be one that stimulates sebaceous glands in the scalp resulting in production of more oil. Sandalwood, Bhringraj and Brahmi are best for dry hair as they stimulate Sebaceous Glands whereas Jasmine is known for its relaxing fragrance and moisturizing properties.

Recommended Natural Oils For Dry Hair:

3.   Oily Hair

With the over production of sebum by Sebaceous Glands, hair looks greasy. Sesame, Jojoba and Olive are required to turn the Sebum production to function normally.  A blend of Sesame Oil and Almond Oil mixed with ayurvedic herbs can control the production of sebum hence making your hair less oily.

Recommended Natural Oils For Oily Hair:

For Hair Problems

1.   Hair Fall

A lot of reason can lead to hair loss like lifestyle, diet, hair care, genes etc. You cannot control hereditary problems but controlling hair loss in its early phase is in your hands. Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringraj, Amla and Ashwagandha helps in nourishing the hair scalp and thus enhance hair growth.

Try these Oils to Reduce Hair Fall:

2.   Grey Hair

Hair turning is the most common problem nowadays even with the teenagers. The problem can be genetic and result of protein deficiency, smoking and bad eating habits. Oils like Sesame Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Almond Oil strengthens roots and promotes hair growth.

Use these Oils to Prevent Hair Turning Grey:

3.   Dandruff

Dandruff is seen as a most embarrassing hair problem and it is utmost important to get rid of dandruff. Neem and basil are known for its antifungal properties and it fights dandruff, reduces itching and nourishes hair roots.

Get Rid Of Dandruff with these Oils:

After Effects

1.   Re-Growth

Many factors like age, gender and climate can cause hair loss and as prevention is always better than cure, take care of your hair at first place.  Try hair oils that prevent scalp infections and promote hair growth.

Best Oils To Re-Grow Your Lost Hair:

2.   Hair Strengthening

Doing something today is the best way out to prevent your hair from falling in the future. The finest option is to start using hair-strengthening oil now to immune your hair from falling. Peppermint is most suitable for strengthening hair as it works as an antiseptic for the scalp. It reduces skin irritation, stimulates hair growth and provides you with a more healthy and shiny hair.

Oils to Strengthen Your Hair:

It is always advisable to use natural and purest forms of oils in case of any hair problems and issues.

Do not get trapped in the fake promises by those locally manufactured hair oils and make the right decision.



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