Monsoon Skin and Hair Care Tips


Along with lovely rain monsoon season brings several infections that cause various health problem related to stomach, respiration, immunity, skin or hair etc. Moist humid rainy weather affects the skin and hair especially to a great extent. Your hair remains moist for longer time and even after a shower you still find it difficult to dry and it remains moist because of humid climate. So here are some tips to take care of your skin, hair to maintain healthy and good look all through the monsoon.

Skin Care Tips

Cleanse well

Do not let the dirt particles, grime or oil to settle down on your skin for long duration. Cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day to remove excess grime and oil that can clog your pores. Choose a mild face wash to clean your skin deeply.

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Tone your skin

Alcohol free toner is recommended in monsoon season as high humidity in these days can open up your pores. Toner will help you to minimize the pore size. Open pores when filled with dirt and oil causes’ acne problem.

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Even if the sun is not out do not ignore the sun block. The rays responsible for ageing, for example, can penetrate clouds, so even if you don’t get sunburnt, damage is still being done. Use a water-based sunscreen for your skin.

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Lip balm

Most common thing happens to us is chapped lips in rainy season. Lips are way too sensitive as compared to skin so its utmost important to take proper care of them. Prevent the lips from cracking by using milk cream regularly and avoiding dark color lipsticks.

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Night Cream

Skin heals itself at the time we are sleeping so provide your skin nourishment through night creams. Using a good night cream is essential to repair the skin damage done during the day or during the night.

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Moisturizer and Serum

A light moisturizer during rainy season helps your skin to remain healthy. Serums ensure that the moisturizer you apply to the skin gets properly absorbed into the skin.

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Hair Care Tips

Herbal Shampoos

To maintain the natural glossy look of the hair would be best to replace chemically loaded shampoos with natural and herbal shampoos. Chemicals can make hair dry more than required. Keep it natural as possible.

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Most of the times we try to protect our hair from rain but once in while we get caught in it. So it’s important to wash your hair after being caught in rain and condition them well to avoid tangled and frizzy hair.

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Hair oil

At night times, massage your hair with warm coconut oil and comb your hair for the even distribution of oil on your scalp and hair. This will make your hair stronger from roots and can prevent itchy scalp and dandruff.

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Avoid heat

In rainy season try to avoid hair dryers, straightening and hair curling. Heat can make your hair weak and dry.

Hair Serums

Serums coats the surface of the hair and acts as a barrier against external factors like heat, moisture and dust. Which are more likely to damage the hair texture.

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Proper Diet

Along with the external care its necessary to focus on what you eat during rainy days. Your hair also requires good amount of protein, vitamins and minerals so that the hair follicles can get Strengthen.

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  1. Nice post. Most women complain of dull and frizzy hair in the rainy Season. Hair fall and dandruff become their regular visitors. To combat these, a simple hair care routine is all you need.


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