A Guide For Must Have Supplements For Men Above 35 Years


So you are pushing your late 30s and worried regarding your work stress, fitness and other possible illness you might get! We are sure that you have definitely insured yourself but is that enough? Well research shows that the average age when a man may start experiencing possible decline in his physical fitness is 35. Don’t freak out! Many giant pharmaceutical brands have introduced supplements for all categories which can help your heart, regain some vital minerals & vitamins, boost your immune system, and even enhance your sex life.

Since there are many options available in market and even false drugs can be bit tricky to spot out, we have listed down few supplements which might be useful for you.

1. Fish Oils (For Stress & Heart Problems)

Fish Oils are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which helps in reducing cholesterol levels, helps in keeping heart risk free & also helps in lowering high blood pressure. These supplements are very popular among people as a regular supplement which helps in keeping your heart healthy and also helps in reducing stress levels.

Dose : A dose of at least 500 mg DHA and 500 mg EPA daily is recommended for an adult

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2. Saw Palmetto (For Prostrate risks)

The supplements containing SawPalmetto are highly popular in European countries because of high risk of prostrate matters in men aging above 35. These supplements will not only ensure decreasing of an enlarged prostrate but also helps in treating other prostrate infections and even lowering risks for prostate cancer.

Dose: 20-400mg per day is recommended

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3. Glucosamine (For Joint Pains)

Consumption of Glucosamine can help you relive from those painful joints as the amount of Glucosamine decreases with the age progression. And these supplements containing Glucosamine helps in lubricating the joints and nourish those joint areas for better flexibility.

Dose: 1,000-1,500 mg Glucosamine/day depending upon requirement

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4. L-arginine (Support for the Erectile Tissue)

L-arginine is basically amino acid, which are the building blocks of protein. In the body, it turns into nitric oxide which helps in improved erections. There are various number of supplements available in the market to enhance your sexual drive but you need to be careful in what you choose and how you take it. There are supplements offering natural ingredients to help you meet daily nutritional needs as well as improve potency significantly.

Dose : 300mg-450mg per day

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Note: Even supplements with tea extracts can help in treating erectile dysfunction and increases libido. Recommended product: Unived Vitalitea Herbal Tea-30 Tea Bags

5. CoQ10 (Active Life Style & to reduce the typical signs of aging)

Supplements containing CoQ10 helps in improving cardiac health and also prevents ageing. These supplements are used to enhance active lifestyle. These supplements also help people who are under stress and anxiety which can help in improving even sexual problems.

Dose : 100mg-200mg/day

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