How to Stay Handsome In Summers?


Follow these steps to Preserve your glow and charm this summers <3

1.    Don’t Commit the Crime of ignoring Sunscreen:

Walking out of the home without applying a sunscreen is an offence for your skin. Experts say “Men who don’t use sunscreen run the risk of getting sun damage, which results in redness and irritation”.


1)    Dermalogica Pure Light Spf50
2)    Avene Very High Protection Cream Spf50+
3)    O
3+ Agelock Multi-Vitamin -Spf 40 Pa+++

2.    Wash Face And Body Twice A Day:

Ditch that bar of soap you have been using on your face and body. Men face large pores genetically, and in summers, they turn worse. Cleanse your face and body two for at least two times a day to get rid of dirt, grime and sunscreen residues. Try to go as chemical free as possible.


3.    Cleanse Deeply With A Hydrating Toner:

Men spend their most time outside amidst all the pollution. Cleanser alone would not be able to remove those pollutants. A toner will cleanse deeply to make your skin more clear and firm. Also, it will reduce the risk of ingrown hair after shaving.


1)    Tvam Toner – Mint Cucumber Neem
2)    Kaya Revitalizing Tonic
3)    Dermalogica Multi Active Toner 50ml

4.    Close Pores With a Gel Based Moisturizer:

Regular washing in summers will result in dry skin. In order to have smooth soft skin, make friends with a moisturizer. It will hydrate your skin, prevent wrinkles and keep you fresh. Save your time by getting a moisturizer with SPF.


1)    Vlcc Men Active Light Fairness Moisturiser 100 Ml-Pack Of 2
2)    Thalgo Intensive Hydrating Cream
3)    Richfeel Skin Logix Redefine Balancing Day Cream Spf 50 100g

5.    Exfoliate Twice A Week:

Sun exposure causes dead skin cells, which should be removed as soon as possible to have fresh closed pores. Exfoliating will make sure your hard skin free form dead skin cells or any other kind of dirt or bacteria.


1)     O3+ Men Ice Cool Acne – Blemish Control Scrub
2)     Dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub 75ml
3)     Thalgo Descomask Scrub

6.    Apply A Soothing Balm After-Shave:

Shaving makes our skin vulnerable to damage in summers. It is therefore recommended to never over shave in heat. If you must, use products that help in soothing damaged skin. A balm would work great in such situation.


1)    Gentlemen’s Tonic Pre Shave Oil
2)    The Man Company Tea Tree And Mint Shaving Gel-100ml
3)    Thalgo After-Shave Balm

Happy summers, you guys!

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