Men’s Daily Skin Care Routine


A strong and confident personality is all you need to rock every situation. When your skin looks great, its easy to face the world with a perfect smile. Dull skin kills your confidence and makes you want to stay inside all the time and hide from the world. A proper skin care routine is utmost important as it leads to clearer skin, less-visibleaging, and a healthy glow.  Here’s how to take care of your skin to look great all day.


Men`s skin is tough and hard as compared to women so to clean the face properly men need to wash their face with the face cleansers that are meant to be used for men`s skin type. You should wash your face twice a day- morning and evening as , Cleansing first thing in the morning refreshes you by removing dull skin and impurities. After a long tiring day, a coat of dirt, oil and Impurities builds up on the face so it is mandatory to wash face as soon as you reach home in the evening.

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Exfoliation is recommended to be done twice a week. Men`s skin is more prone to dead skin cell build up and other such impurities sitting on their face. For a Clearer and glowing skin scrubbing to remove dead skin cells is essential. Another benefit for exfoliation for men is that scrubbing the shave area discourages ingrown hairs and bumps which helps in smooth shave.

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Moisturizing skin is an essential part of every skin care routine. Dehydrated face makes a healthy looking face to tired and dull. Moisturizing not only keeps your skin hydrated and glowing, it actually serves as protection against daily dirt and impurities. After face was or scrub apply a face moisturizer to make your skin looking good, prevents excess oil production and prevents signs of aging.

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There are some factors which have major effects on our skin that can make the skin look dull, dry, dark, wrinkled, dark circles and bags. These factors include UV Rays, Ageing, dirt, Tiredness and Lack of sleep. To fight against these, there is a need to add some products to your daily routine.


Sun Block

Harmful UV Ray damage your skin in a number of ways, a good skin care routine always includes a sunscreen. Before stepping out apply sunscreen on the skin that is supposed to be exposed to sun. Do not forget to reapply it every two hours if you are continuously in exposure to sun.

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Anti Aging

Gentlemen in the age circle of 30-40 are suggested to use anti aging creams before going to bed.  The time while you are sleeping your body performs a restorative process and anti aging creams will boost up this process. Including anti ageing creams will help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

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Anti Acne

Most of the men face the skin problem of acne. Due to their busy schedule they hardly get time to pay some attention on this skin concern. There can be a number of reasons for acne like clogging of skin pores, dirt, grime, excessive oil etc. For those who are struggling with this concern must include the following products In their routine.

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Eye cream

Using an eye cream before going to bed is just doing you a big favor. Eye cream can make wonders especially for the men who have dark circles and puffiness under their eyes. Eyes are the first spots to show aging. Regular care will help slow the visible signs of aging and fatigue.

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