Top 7 Gym Supplements You Should Consider Taking


Who doesn’t want to be fit! Who doesn’t wish to flaunt the ripped body while on beach! Well building muscle has never been easy! Without a doubt, you can simply add muscle by eating healthy & right; and also by lifting weights on regular occasion to build up those muscles. But in order to truly maximize your growth potential, supplements plays a vital role in achieving your goal for a perfect body. Perhaps you might be idolizing someone that has the most amazing body and you wish to have that physic. But it isn’t so easy to transform your body into a workout machine unless you dedicate yourself for extreme workout, adequate nutrition & proper rest. The supplements however will assist you in achieving those results.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a rundown of top 7 gym supplements after closely following every product through our research to help you achieve that dream physic that you want!

1. OPTIMUM NUTRITIONS 100% WHEY GOLD (Whey Protein: For gaining muscle weight) : Optimum Nutrition is the leading sports supplement manufacturer in the world with its popularity all around the world. Gold Standard 100% Whey protein is easily digested in the stomach, and provides a fast delivery of protein to muscles. It is a must have supplement for any gym goer who is serious about gaining those muscles.


1. 20 grams of whey protein powder in the 30 minutes before working out

2. 40 grams within 60 minutes after training

3. 20-40 grams of whey immediately upon waking every morning to kick-start muscle growth

Additional Whey Protein Supplements from other manufacturers:

1. Muscle Tech 100% Premium Whey Protein-Deluxe

2. Universal Nutritions Ultra Whey Pro-Chocolate-5Lbs Whey Protein Blend


2. UNIVERSAL NUTRITIONS AMINO 2700 350 TABS (Amino Acid Supplement: For improving workout performance) : Amino 2700 is a high potency, sustained release amino acid supplement which is extremely popular among serious workout lovers. Consuming these tablets prior to or in between each meal helps in increasing overall amino intake throughout the day and hence increasing the overall performance during workout.

Dosage: Take 3 tablets on an empty stomach 3 times daily before meals and after training (10- 12 tablets per day)

    Additional Whey Protein Supplements from other manufacturers:


2.  APN Super Amino 10000 (325 Tabs) Aminos

3. MyProtein L Glutamine 250 Gm

3. MUSCLE TECH 100% ULTRA PURE CREATINE 300 GM (Creatine: For Enhancing Muscle Volume) : Even if you’re not a weight lifter or just a hobbyist gym goer, you’ve probably heard of creatine which one of the most researched supplements and also very popular among sportsmen. Well, Creatine has been recognized by all bodybuilders as a product that delivers on its promise of improved strength.

Dosage: 5gms four times per day (Total 12 gms) and one of those doses taken immediately following a workout

  Additional Whey Protein Supplements from other manufacturers: 



4. MET RX LIQUID L-CARNITINE 1500-1 (Pre Workout Supplement: For high workout performance) : It is one of the most versatile supplement available in the market which is ideal for all sportsmen. Carnitine helps the body in converting food into energy and providing assistance for workouts which involves endurance. This also helps in providing support during recovery from high intensity activities such as weightlifting.


1. 1 tablespoon (15 mL) 30 to 60 minutes before exercise with your pre-workout meal

2. Second serving should be taken with your post-workout meal

Additional Whey Protein Supplements from other manufacturers:


5. UNIVERSAL NUTRITIONS GAIN FAST-10 LBS GAINER (Weight gaining supplement) : Rich in proteins, Gain Fast is a weight gaining supplement which is carbohydrate dense and formulated to supply your body with clean calories. This helps you bulk up and add muscle mass onto your body and helps in aiding the muscle-building process and also gain weight significantly.


1. Mix 5 scoops of Gain Fast with beverage of your choice.

2. For best results, take 1-3 servings daily

  Additional Whey Protein Supplements from other manufacturers: 

1. Magnus Nutrition Gain Fast 1kg

2. MyProtein Impact Weight Gainer

6. UNIVERSAL NUTRITIONS RIPPED FAST 120 CAPS (Fat Burning Supplement) : In order to get those cuts and curves in your body to flaunt those sleek ripped abs, this supplement helps you achieve perfect definition you need to get rid of the subcutaneous fat that hides the natural muscle striations and makes you look smooth.   


1. 1 to 4 capsules daily with beverage of your choice.

2. Best when taken 30 minutes before working out.

   Additional Whey Protein Supplements from other manufacturers: 


7. MANPOWER X TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER AND BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT (Natural testosterone booster) : This is a natural testosterone booster quality supplement which helps in increased drive, youthful energy levels and boosted muscle mass. This helps in increasing overall workout performance significantly which results in high performance delivery during those extra reps and sets.

Dosage: For best results, 2 capsules per day for at least 30 days


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