7 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally


Stretch marks are irregular stripes or bands on the skin, caused by sudden stretching of the skin due to Pregnancy, Sudden Weight Gain or Rapid Weight Loss. Puberty could also be a reason for stretch marks. Both men and women can fall prey to stretch marks. It commonly affects the Abdomen, Breast, Thighs,Buttocks & Upper Arms.

Where Do Stretch Marks Come From?


Following Are Most Efficient Home Remedies Of Eliminating Stretch Marks:


When skin is constantly stretched, it loses its elasticity and ends up forming rivets in its middle layer. Initially the marks may be reddish but with time, they turn white and grey. These are stretch marks. People end up becoming self-conscious and even short of clothing choices.

Some people choose surgical treatments to get rid of the stretch marks. However, their intensity can be lowered with inexpensive home remedies. Regular, persistent use may even help you to get rid of them permanently.


Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, are all known to have healing effects on the skin. Both Cocoa and Shea Butter have antioxidants and their soothing properties can easily penetrate the skin while diminishing and repairing stretch marks. The additional antioxidants in Vitamin E promote the healing of damaged cells.


How to do: Add one teaspoon of Vitamin E in 2 melted teaspoon of Shea and cocoa butter. The mixture will be solid when prepared, but will melt when you apply it on the skin. Apply this mixture twice a day on stretch marks.


Sugar is a brilliant scrub. Exfoliating your skin with Sugar removes the dead skin and clears the skin.

How to do:  Mix a few drops of Lemon Juice with Almond Oil and one tablespoon of Sugar. Mix it well and massage gently over the affected area. Do it after showers for a month and you will see your stretch marks fading.



Lemons are known for their bleaching effect on skin. Citric acid is highly effective in removing dead skin cells and thus, lightening stretch marks.


How to do: Take half a slice of lemon and rub it on your stretch marks. Let it soak into your skin for 20 minutes and rinse using warm water.


Plant collagen is an extremely effective skin-repairing element that helps in fading stretch marks. It is better to use raw Aloe Vera instead of commercial Aloe Vera gels.

How to do: : Cut an Aloe Vera leaf into half, extract the gel from it and apply it on affected areas. Rinse after 20 minutes.



We are already aware of the benefits of Olive Oil for the skin. It has Antioxidants and Vitamin E, known healing elements for damaged skin. It also protects skin from harmful sunrays.


How to do: Gently massage the marks with olive oil and they will start to fade with time.


7.Potato Juice

Potatoes are rich in Photochemicals like Carotenoids & Polyphenols, essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals, Calcium, Potassium, B Complex Vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium. All these elements help in stimulating elastin and collagen synthesis, resulting in diminished stretch marks.

How to doCut some potato slices and rub on the stretch marks. Cover the entire affected region in potato juice and let is stay. Wash with lukewarm water after for 15 minutes.


As is often said, You are a tiger(ess) who has earned its stripes. Stretch marks are not permanent and can be tackled; nothing to fret over.




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