Yoga and Spa: Better Than Gym And Surgeries


Beautiful skin, peaceful mind, strong body, Good health – whatever you want, Yoga and spa has it to offer you.  Although the focus now have shifted to gymnasiums, health supplements and plastic surgeries, the importance and relevance of yoga & spa can never be neglected.  Yoga and spa has been there in practice from ages. Our ancestors practiced both of them in Rome, Greece, Egypt, India, China, Japan and of other South-East Asian countries.

Yoga and spa are equally beneficial for the human body. Where yoga includes different body postures for healing mind and body, Spa includes scrubbing-massaging body to increase the blood circulation. In case of spa, if you want maximum benefits, go for natural essential oils instead of creams.

Benefits of SPA 

1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety:

Researches have proved how massage therapies decrease stress hormones and anxiety levels.  Massage rejuvenates body’s healing abilities by calming down the stress muscles.  Its proved that a hormone called Serotonin is released during massage that enhances the ‘feel good’ state of body and mind.

 2. Exterminate Body Aches:

Body aches are one of the most common issues these days among all age groups and the causes can be countless but the major & most common cause is stress. Both physical and mental.  The only condition here is that the massages are to be performed by original essential oils. They have miraculous healing power themselves and when combined with massages, I don’t think there is issue that a spa can’t take care of.

The types of massages that can cure Body aches are:

  • Rolfing
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Deep tissue massage therapy

3. Enhances Beauty by Improving Skin Complexion and Structure: 

Due to pollution, poor diet, stress and certain life choices our facial muscles and skin have to go through slow blood circulation, grimy skin, line & wrinkles, pre mature ageing and clogged pores.  Facial massage helps to get rid of these symptoms by increasing and improving blood circulation to the face. As a result, lymph nodes (waste material pipes) are activated and tightened muscles are relaxed.

4. Detox Body by Enhancing Blood Circulation:

Experts says that massage boosts blood circulation. Poor circulation of lymph fluids and blood can result in building up of toxins due to indecent release of waste. Different techniques of massage help in better blood circulation by sending blood to congested areas thus delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

5. Relief for Athletes:

Deep tissue massages helps athletes and fitness freaks to get rid of muscle cramps and tensions. Trained therapies relax every part of the body.

Benefits of YOGA 

1. Inner Peace:

we wish to go to erotic places to find peace, but dear friend, peace lies within us.  Yoga helps us to achieve that inner peace.  All you have to do is take out few minutes from your day and perform usual yoga poses.

2. Ameliorates Immunity:

According to a study published in the journal PLoSOne, yoga improves immunity through changes in gene expression. The results are so quick that you can even feel that while lying on the same mat. Yoga helps you in being immune over all by strengthening your inner defense system.

3. Improves Concentration: 

While practicing yoga we concentrate on breathe, posture and vision. There are no other distractions. This definitely helps in improved concentration.

4. Helps in Better Breathing:

When one is under stress, he literally forgets to breathe. I’m talking about normal breathe here, not the shallow breathes. If we talk about yoga, it focuses on breathe. Those deep breathes while performing yoga definitely keeps you away from breathing diseases.

5. Weight Loss:

This is what people actually want these days. ‘Kapal Bhati Pranayam’ and ‘sun salutations’ are some ways to weight loss. Yoga also affects our eating habits. It instead starts to control what food our body asks and when. Thus, yoga helps you in keeping a check on your weight by fighting food carvings.

 Now that we know the benefits of both Yoga and spa, a question that arises is for the preference. What should people prefer among them? Let me get that straight. If you have, plenty of time during any time of the day, go for yoga and if you are a busy bee and can make time only on weekends, take appointment to a good spa.



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