6 Top Pre Workout Meals For A Energy Boost


Geared up and ready to hit the gym? Wait, you did not fuel yourself for the shedding yet. Pre workout meals are necessary for a proper and effective Exercise.  Strength and weight training need an ample amount of energy; otherwise, you may feel lethargic during working out.

The amount of meal matters too. Eating too much can make you feel like you are pushing yourself and eating less can cause you to feel tired and weak due to low blood sugar levels. Therefore, pre workout meals are crucial. It also determines how your body responds and recovers after an intense workout session.

Just as our gears, same meals bore us. That is why we came up with healthy pre-workout meals that are capable of boosting you with energy to tackle heavy weights at the gym.

Let us go with the list:

1.   Apples and Nut Butter:

We already know how apple can help you stay away from doctor.  But did you know apple contains both simple & complex carbohydrates and fiber too. The Apple’s carbohydrates mixed with Nut’s proteins- the perfect Pre-workout meal. This combo will give you an energy boost to get through most of your workout schedule.  In addition, the good fats in Nut Butter helps in maintain good cholesterol levels.

2.  Oatmeal and Fruits:

Carbs, proteins, minerals, fiber- essential fatty acids- All are included in this super food. The meal is perfect for the people who like to hit the gym in the morning and do not have time to eat before 1-2 hours of working out.  Oats keep your appetite settled as they take time to digest. Adding Fruits in this meal will keep you hydrated throughout the workout.

3.  Bananas With Yogurt:

Bananas are powerhouse of energy and it helps the body to function well throughout the day. It’s a good source of potassium magnesium and carbohydrates. Banana prevents the muscle cramps while working out, increase the strength and endurance by increasing bone strength. For optimal results, eat a banana along with a cup of Yogurt before 1 hour of exercise.

4.  Whole Grain Bread with Eggs, Butter or Honey:

Whole Grain Bread is the most hassle free source of carbohydrates. Its easy and time consuming and can be paired with many protein rich foods like Boiled Eggs, Pea Nut Butter, Turkey Slices or Honey.

5.  Greek Yogurt With Blue Berries:

The proteins in Greek Yogurt are double than that of normal yogurt. This protein keeps body energized during a hard workout. Yogurt is easy to digest and is best suitable for people with sensitive stomachs. The pre workout required carbohydrate is also present in Greek yogurt. However, calories and lactose are in a very less quantity in yogurt. Blueberries contain high levels of antioxidants and fiber.

6.  Health- Nutrition Bars:

The Chocolate like Bars are jam packed with nutrition elements like nuts, almonds, oatmeal, walnuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds etc. Moreover, they are available in numerous flavors in market.  Grab a health bar and you are ready to shed those kilos. Our editor recommends Nourish Organic Apple Cinnamon Healthbar.

Table describing appropriate pre workout meals for different physical activities:



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