7 Fruit Seeds That Can Improve Your Health


We grew up believing that fruit seeds are poisonous and have the capability to grow a mini tree inside our stomachs. Nevertheless, these beliefs are nothing but superficial. Few fruit seeds are extremely beneficial for our good health as they contain vital Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids.

One thing to keep in mind here is “Excess of Everything is Bad”. It is totally fine if you ate fruit seeds mistakenly. We have compiled a list of beneficial fruit seeds below. However, make sure you do not take any of them in excess.


1.Watermelon Seeds:


These black colored seeds are rich in

Zinc: Over 100 various enzymes in the body are regulated by zinc and its presence is essential in the proper immune function of body. The mineral Zinc cannot be stored in the body for long naturally. Watermelon seeds are easy sources of zinc.

Amino Acid Arginine: watermelon seeds provide a high amount of Amino acid Arginine, which are helpful in treating coronary heart diseases and in regulating blood pressure. Watermelon seeds also have, Magnesium. About 80% of the world population is deficient of magnesium.

Recommended Procedure: Sprout them, remove the shell and then consume.

Suggested Intake Quantity: 1 ounce or 1/8 cup in 1 serving.


2.Avocado Seeds:


Everybody knows how beneficial avocado is for maintaining a good weight but, did you know its seeds are equally beneficial too? You must know that the avocado seed or ‘pit’ is the earth’s best source of Soluble Fibre (flushes out fatty acids out of body and controls cholesterol). It is also rich in Potassium and Antioxidants. The pit contains a little amount of Tannis, which can be toxic in large quantities. Who is going to eat 10 avocado seeds at once anyway?

Over 70% antioxidants found in whole avocado is contained by its seed. These antioxidants help in lowering cholesterol, preventing strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Recommended Procedure: Blend it into the form of powder and use it in smoothies.

Suggested Intake Quantity: One pit at a time.


3.Pear Seeds:


It is hard to tell if you have eaten pear seeds while eating a pear or not. It is because they are very soft and small, unlike other fruit seeds. Just like apple, Pear seeds have a little amount of cyanide too, which is again not going to do any harm, unless you consume a large amount. Pear seeds have more essential fatty acids and antioxidants than they have cyanide.

Recommended Procedure: Eat them with the pear, as they are very small and cannot be separated.

Suggested Intake Quantity: Up to 8 pears a day


4.Papaya Seeds:


We have explained about benefits of papaya seeds in another article named “Surprising Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds”.

They have a chemical named Isothiocynates that stops cancer from spreading https://www.pcrm.org/health/cancer-resources/diet-cancer/nutrition/how-isothiocyanates-help-protect-against-cancer

Other than that, they have enzymes beneficial in killing intestinal worms.

Recommended Procedure: Eat them raw or with honey, crush them after drying and use as a substitute of pepper, add them in your salads.

Suggested Intake Quantity: As per the taste.


5.Citrus Fruit Seeds:


Fruit seeds of all the citrus fruits are safe to consume, no matter you bite or juice them. There are no apparent adverse effects of these seeds. Seeds of oranges, lemons and lime, all are edible. Lemon seeds contain salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient in aspirin. Therefore, eating citrus fruit seeds occasionally will not harm you in fact it will relieve your pains and aches.

Recommended Procedure: Blend them and add in your smoothie.

Suggested Intake Quantity: Less than a handful


6.Cantaloupe seeds (Indian melon):


In India, we already eat melon seeds. The popular way is to dry them first and then eat the soft nut inside a shell that breaks. These seeds are of great benefits to our health. According to a study published in World Applied Sciences Journal, cantaloupe seeds contain same amount of protein as soymilk. As the seeds are high in Fibre, eating them may benefit intestines also.

Recommended Procedure: You can add them in your salad, eat them raw, roast them or in any other creative way you want.

Suggested Intake Quantity: ¼ a teaspoon twice a week.


7.Apple Seeds:


Everybody is aware of the fact that apple seeds contain cyanide content, but for the toxic to harm you, consumption of a large number of apple seeds is required. Be not afraid to eat or juice the whole apple.  A small amount of cyanide is normal to our cells. Apple seeds contain vitamin B17, also known as laetrile, which has been found to cure cancer.

Recommended Procedure: Not to be eaten raw and should not be grinded as well.

Suggested Intake Quantity: 16 seeds or 2 whole apples per serving. Eating 18 apples with seeds can be deadly.





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