7 Must Try Post Workout Meals


Done with your workout?  It is time for a good post workout meal. Let me tell you why a post workout meal is crucial. Certain symptoms like increased appetite, muscle soreness and need for extra sleep- tells us that our workout has depleted the fuel (energy) and our muscles needs repair and replenishment now.  Do not let your time and efforts in gym go worthless, provide your body with the raw material that it needs to revitalize the tired muscle i.e. proteins and carbohydrates.  Post workout meals must have these elements in them for the proper nutrition of worked out muscles.

Choosing a perfect meal is a tuff task too. You need 45 grams of carbohydrates for energy and 16 grams of protein for building muscle. Choose your meal accordingly. Following are few selected meals containing right amount of proteins, carbohydrates:

1. Nut Butter With Banana:

A Banana is the best source of carbohydrates. Potassium present in banana is great in healing muscle cramps.  Pick your favorite from peanut, almond or cashew butter. Nut Butter contain muscle building proteins and healthy fats. They act as longer burning fuels.

2. Chikpeas:

30 grams of carbs, 10 gram of proteins and complementary 9 grams of fiber is present in a quarter cup of these legumes. This after workout meal keeps you workout heart-healthy. Rinse Chickpeas to get rid of extra sodium then season it with lemon juice and put them into your mouth.

3. Homemade Banana And Yogurt Milk Shake:

The combo makes a perfect exercise recovery drink. Dairy products milk and yogurt provides a double dose for carbohydrates and proteins. This smoothie is perfect to consume after a morning workout or even after evening gym session.

4. Egg Vegan Sandwich:

It is a perfect after workout meal. Egg’s white and yolk both contains proteins and carbohydrates, and there is fiber in bread. This less calorie meal keeps fat under control. Zinc found in eggs, aids in metabolism and immunity whereas vitamin B12 supports cell production. Add cheese and vegetables to recharge energy stores and to relax tired muscles.

5. Juice With Protein Powder:

This liquid meal is perfect for those who face difficulties in tolerating heavy meals. There are 30 grams carbohydrates in one cup of Juice and you can add any Protein Powder of your choice to make it a perfect post workout snack. This meal helps in faster recovery of tired muscles as it takes very less time to digest and body takes less time to absorb its nutrients.

6. Pop Corn And Chocolate Milk:

8 oz low fat milk and 3-cup air-popped popcorn. Total calories it contains are 280, Including 46 grams carbohydrates and 11 g proteins. Popcorn provides you fiber, iron and carbohydrates while milk provides carbs and calcium. Together they satisfy you salt and sweet cravings.

7. Coconut Water:

It is a great drink to restore electrolytes lost due to sweating while working out. It is of more importance if you are working out in a hot environment. Coconut Water is suitable to drink before after and during an intense session of workout.

Other than these, normal water is a great Pre-post workout meal too. If your workout’s goal is weight loss, Green tea is the best option as pre and post workout meal.


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