“Chocolate a day, keeps the Doctor away”


This only applies to Dark Chocolate, because only Dark Chocolate is full of Nutrients that can affect your Health positively. Dark Chocolate comes from Natural Origin. Dark Chocolate comes from Cocoa Plant Seeds which is rich in Antioxidants.

Chocolate a day, keeps the doctor away

“Exercise is a dirty word…Every time I hear it; I wash my mouth out with chocolate”

It’s true that chocolate is good for your health

This only applies to dark chocolate, because only dark chocolate is full of nutrients that can affect your health positively. Dark chocolate has natural origin as it comes from Cocoa plant seeds which is rich in antioxidants.

When do we call a chocolate to be a dark chocolate?

For a Chocolate to be a Dark Chocolate, 70-85 % amount of Cocoa in 100 gm of Chocolate Bar should be present.

How do we select the Dark Chocolate?

Dark Chocolate can be selected by investigating the quantity of Cocoa present in it. One more simple trick for the identification of Dark Chocolate is as the color of the Chocolate gets dark it’s beneficial. On the other hand as the color of Chocolate gets light,some amount of Sugar and Milk is added into it which makes it harmful to you.

Some of the Nutritive Facts about Dark Chocolate are –

High content of Cocoa in Dark Chocolate is very nutritive as it contains Soluble Fibers, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Zinc and Selenium.

Chemistry Central Journal reported one study about Cocoa content in Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate contained more Antioxidant Activity, Polyphenols and Flavanols than other Fruits they tested, which included Blueberries and Acai Berries.

Dark Chocolate is rich in Antioxidants…

Good News for the Blood Cholesterol Conscious People

You will be happy to know that Dark Chocolate will diminish the risk of your Cardiovascular Diseases. It is scientifically proven that Cocoa present in Dark Chocolate decreases the LDL Cholesterol in men. It has been reported in the journal of nutrition by Seigo Baba and his colleagues that Cocoa increases HDL and decreases LDL Cholesterol in men.

Dark Chocolate has the capacity to reduce insulin resistance, thus helping in the prevention of various Heart Diseases and Diabetes as well.

“Intake Dark Chocolate and Fight Against Damage due to Sun”

Dark Chocolate contains beneficial compounds for your skin. Intake of Dark Chocolate helps in the protection against Sun Induced Damage, Skin Dehydration due to Sun, protection from UV rays

“Chocolate – it’s something Girls just need…

In Journal of Nutrition, Ulrike Heinrich and all his colleagues reported that Cocoa protects and improves all Skin health quality,which is a delicious and fruitful factor for all the girls and women out there.

“Stress Out & Eat Chocolate”

In Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, it has been reported by Francis ST and his colleagues that Cocoa helps in proper Blood Flow to the Brain, which leads to increase in Memory Power and reduction of Stress.

Giovambattistta Desideri and his colleagues reported in American Heart Association about the regular intake of Cocoa flavanols which might be effective in improving Cognitive Function in elderly people and improvement in Insulin Sensitivity as well.

Dark Chocolate – Anti Cancer is not it?

In Journal of Molecular Nutrition & Food, Researchers of Science and Technology Institute of Food and Nutrition, reported remarkable results of Cocoa in Colon Cancer.

Be Calm & Eat Chocolate….

Although Cocoa is good for your health yet it does not mean that you eat lots of Cocoa per day .

As well known, Chocolate is loaded with Calories and because of it’s good taste we easily over eat it. Its not bad to eat 1 to 2 squares in a day, but best quality Chocolates should be chosen for healthy as well as tasty experience of Chocolate.

Try to eat Dark Chocolate, due to its Less Sugar Content.



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