Health Benefits of Different Types of Herbal Teas


Tea is the only simple pleasure left to us. – Oscar Wilde.No day of ours is complete without having tea, isn’t it? The classic milk and sugar tea that is relished by one and all is a staple refreshment drink in the majority of Indian households at present. But have you ever contemplated how healthy it really is?

Let us give you a comparison. A cup of regular tea with milk and sugar is about 70 calories. So if you are used to having 4-5 cups of tea in a day, you are looking at an intake of 300-350 calories every day. Conversely, a cup of herbal tea is just about 6-7 calories per cup.So essentially, switching to herbal tea means that your calorie intake will be approximately about 1/10th of what it was with regular tea. This difference in itself is a compelling enough reason to make the switch to herbal tea. However, that is not all. The other aspect of herbal teas is the accompanying health benefits.

Expanding on that front, here’s a satiating list of herbal teas that are opulent in taste and plentiful in health benefits.

White Tea With the least amount of processing involved, White Tea is one of the purest forms of tea available today.  It brews flavors with light color which offers a lot of health benefits like giving a boost to the immune system and combating viral & bacterial infections

Green Tea – It is the 2nd most popular type of tea, mainly because it is one of the beverage preferences of Asia. Rich in antioxidants called catechins, Green Tea helps in preventing cancer & heart diseases. In fact, some varieties of green teas play a key role in facilitating treatment of heart ailments, cancer and diabetes. And according to studies, a cup of green tea consumed daily lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent.


Black Tea – Constituting highly concentrated antioxidant compounds called the aflavins and the arubigins which are linked to lower levels of cholesterol, Black Tea is the tonic for a healthier heart. Not just this, studies show that people who drink Black Tea (3 or more cups) daily may cut the risk of stroke by 21 per cent.

Oolong Tea – It is commonly recognized as the Chinese Wu Long tea. When fully bodied, the Oolong tea gives a sweet aroma. As per research, drinking Oolong tea slightly burns more calories in comparison to drinking water.

So, whether it is a hectic day at work or a jam packed project submission, just brew a cup of herbal tea. It’s the perfect catalyst to keep you refreshed and lead a healthy, invigorated life!

So, have you switched to the healthier tea yet?

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