Indian Vegetarian Diet To Lose 5-6 Kg In A Week: ‘General Motors Diet’


Are you obsessed with weight loss? Who isn’t! Everybody wants to change something in their bodies. As people claim, weight loss is not very hard. General Motors diet is a secret diet plan that cuts off 5-6 kg from your body in just 7 days! The diet is practiced worldwide and gives guaranteed results.

Weight Loss of 5-8 kg in 7 days

Advantages Of GM Diet Plan:

This one-week long diet plan was prepared for the employees of General Motors Inc. Its goal was to provide a good health to the employees.

Following are the benefits of Gm diet that you can expect:

  • Naturally Glowing Skin
  • Reduced Flab Around Tummy
  • Weight Loss of 5-8 kg in 7 days
  • Detoxification Of Body makes you Energetic and Light

Here’s The Famous 7 Days Diet Plan:

Day 1: 

First day of diet is ‘All fruits day’. You are free to eat all sorts of fruits except mangoes, banana, litchi and grapes. Eat whenever in whatever quantity you want, but only fruits.  Make sure not to eat more than 20 times. Fruits will be providing all the nutrition to your body and it will prepare it for the upcoming hard days. If you want to lose 1/1.5 kg in o the first day, add more melons in your diet.

Day 2:

Just like day one, day 2 is ‘All veggies day’. You only have to eat vegetables, raw or boiled your choice. Eat up to your heart content. To get carbohydrates and energy for the whole day, eat a boiled potato with a tablespoon of butter. Have vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, peas, corn and asparagus. Add basil or oregano freely, if you want to. Avoid high calorie beans like Lima, kidney and pinto. You are definitely dedicated if you make it to day 2.

Day 3:

It is a mix of day 1 and 2. Eat fruits and vegetables the whole day. Avoid potatoes, as you will get the nutrition from fruits and wait for next day to eat bananas .Cravings will be on its heights on the third day. On this day, your body is all set to shed those extra pounds. You will already feel light on the third day of diet plan.

Day 4:

Fourth day is bananas and milk day. You can eat up to 8 bananas the whole day with and 4 glasses of milk. You must be thinking bananas helps in weight gain, then why do I have to eat bananas? It’s because bananas will provide sodium and potassium for the body and satisfy your salt cravings, and do its job to the body. In one meal, have a vegetable soup consisting of tomatoes, garlic, onion and capsicum.

Day 5:

Fifth day is the festive day, as you will be enjoying tasty meals. You can eat tomatoes, cottage cheese and sprouts. Eating Soya chunks is good option as well. Have up to 6 tomatoes on fifth and remember to increase your water intake. Water will cleanse uric acid out of your body while tomatoes will help in digestion process and provide Fiber.

Day 6:

Day 6 is little similar and little different to Day 5 as you have to eat cottage cheese, sprouts but not tomatoes.  Make a soup of your favorite veggies, the taste will help you to go through the day. Veggies will provide fiber and vitamins to body to function properly. You can see the change on your body by now. Drink good amount of water in continuity.

Day 7:

Day 7 is the final and last day of the Diet plan. You will already be feeling light and happy. Have fresh juice, a cup of brown rice/ chapatti and vegetables throughout the day. Complete your day with a good amount of water.

Therefore, this was the diet plan of 7 days. Besides these, following are few rules that you have to follow throughout the week:

  • Increase your water intake throughout the plan and juice is not allowed on first 6 days.
  • Ditch coffee, alcohol and tea completely and replace them with black coffee or green tea.
  • If you wish to continue the diet for months, give a gap of 2-3 days before starting every time.
  • Exercise on alternative days to get best results.
  • Rest well during these seven days as it may cause weakness.





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