Secret Summer Tips to Be Healthy and Strong


Sunscreen check, CTM check, Hats and scarves check, is it all about appearance? Summers affect our appearance and health equally. Therefore, it does not make sense to obsess over beauty while neglecting the entire inner health. If you do not want to be fainted on a hot summer day, pay attention to what your body demands, and fulfill it generously. 

Tips and Tricks To Avoid Heat Related Illness:

1.    Opt For Drinks That Really Hydrate: 


Lousy choices like soda, beer might be soothing for a short time, but they dehydrate you for a long run. When you feel thirsty, go for plain water, lemon water or coconut water. Trade your strong coffee for organic teas like green tea, herbal tea and Rooibos tea.

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2.    Consume Foods that are Cooling in Nature: 


Water based veggies and fruits will keep you energetic and light in summers. They make your blood thin, which has a cooling effect. Your summer diet should include these high water content veggies – leafy greens, tomatoes and these refreshing fruits- strawberries, apples, peaches, pears, plums, melons and grapefruits. Apart from fruits and veggies, walnuts are a great way to get rid of summertime laziness.  Click here to buy organic walnuts.

3.    Health Supplements For Energy Boost: 


Due to the decreased appetite in summers, one doesn’t get required intake of essential nutrients. That’s when health supplements step in. Complex b vitamins helps in cellular energy production,  Vitamin C contains antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for staying cool and calm in summers and  Siberian Ginseng relives stress & enhances stamina.

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4.    Lavender Essential Oil As Insect Repellent: 


The chemical based insect repellents and sprays are fatal. Ditch them today! Use lavender oil instead. Add few drops to base oil and rub it on your skin to keep mosquitoes away.

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5.    Surround Yourself with Cool colors:



Did you know that what you eyes see also affects the body’s cooling process? That’s the reason people prefer to wear lighter shades in the summers. You feel cooler and happier when surrounded by colorful items. Brands like Kolorobia and Rooh are famous for making unique and colorful home items. Get some of them in your room for a nice ambience and cooler atmosphere.

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6.    Diffuse Peppermint oil For a Cooling Effect:


If you had a bad hot day, nothing can refresh you better than a peppermint oil diffuser. The oil is cooling yet stimulating. The high menthol content in peppermint oil is responsible for its cooling properties. To be noted, it should not be used neat on skin.

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Diffuser:  Aroma Treasures Lotus Diffuser With Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil: Organic Harvest Pepper Mint Oil

7.    Geranium Oil for Exhaustion and Fatigue:


If you are feeling a little dizzy and fatigued lately because of the heat, geranium essential oil may save you. It is healing, comforting and able to bring back the balance of your body, despite the summer blues. Combine with career oil and massage on the skin gently.

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8.    Avoid Extremely Cold Foods and Drinks:


Nothing relaxes more than ice cold drinks and foods in this scorching heat. But, Too cold food items actually interfere with the body’s digestion and sweating process. Thus hampering our body’s natural cooling systems. Therefore, avoid chilled or frozen things to stay cool for a longer time.

Stay Cool, Healthy and Enjoy Summers! 🙂


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