Top 10 Foods Beneficial In Weight Loss


It is no secret that a successful weight loss program is almost impossible without good diet and exercise. There is no miracle food or wonder machine that can just make that gut vanish. However, there are some foods, which prove beneficial in weight loss, either by helping people burn more calories or taking in less of them.

Top 10 Foods beneficial in weight loss: For Vegetarians as well as Non-vegetarians

1. Green Tea

Green tea could be a great drink to quench your thirst. Satisfy the fluid requirement of your body while burning calories. Green tea has antioxidants that burn calories. Green tea is sugar free and very effective in maintaining cholesterol and keeping cancer at bay.


2. Raw Broccoli

Broccoli is the one low calorie food; so, one can eat a large serving and still consume very less calories. There is a large amount of fiber in broccoli and when introduced to the diet plan, it can help you in losing more calories that fiber is capable of burning.


3. Plain Yogurt

As per various studies, women who ate yogurt lost more weight as compared to the women who just followed low calorie diets. This high protein food is a delicious snack and can be a part of breakfast or the evening desert. It can fulfill the daily requirement of dairy products of the body while maintaining a healthy calorie count.


4. Brown Rice

They are, literally, covered in fiber and low on calories, the exact opposite of white rice and also the healthier replacement. They suppress appetite shortly and you don’t feel hungry after having brown rice. Make sure you drink a lot of water with a fiber rich diet because fiber absorbs water and increases your thirst.


5. Salmon Fish

It is full of good fats that are helpful in weight loss. It regulates the production of leptin, a hormone responsible for controlling appetite and the feeling of fullness after a meal, thus helping in controlled consumption.


6. Blueberries

Already considered super food, blue berries are extremely high in nutrients, especially antioxidants. Studies have proven that people who consumed blue berries lost weight faster. Some people also prefer to go on all blue berry diets to lose weight fast.


7. Whole Grain Bread

It is high in fiber and the seeds and nuts in it are highly nutritious. We already know that nuts like almonds are high in proteins, which is reason enough to believe that whole grain bread helps those who want to lose weight. When added to soup, it is a legitimate side, carbohydrate pre-workout food. All brown bread is not whole grain bread. White bread may also have been colored to appear brown.



8. Fresh Oranges

The vitamin C and fiber in pulpy citrus fruits is capable of burning fat. The production of Carnitine, which is responsible in breaking down fats, is promoted by vitamin C present in the oranges. It is advisable to consume oranges as fresh fruits or pulpy juices, because it’s not as healthy without the fiber.


9. Garlic & Onions

The combination of onion and garlic is very common, especially in Indian food. The oils and minerals in them help in increasing the metabolism and breaking down the fatty acids. Moreover, they improve the taste of cooked food.


10. lean Chicken

Lean chicken is when a 100 gram serving of chicken has less than 10 grams of unsaturated fat and 4.5 grams of saturated fat. It is high in protein, low in fat and highly filling. Chicken has always proved itself useful for non-vegetarian weight loss enthusiasts due to lower fats in it..



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