Top 7 Latest Protein Rich Foods For Vegetarians


In order to perform various functions, our body needs minerals, nutrients and vitamins. The one top nutrient that plays a great role in you being healthy is protein. Every cell in your body needs protein for its functioning. Proteins are often specified as human body’s building blocks. They are extremely important in the process of oxygen & nutrients transportation to blood, digestion and metabolism.

Other Functions Of Proteins Are:

  • Responding to Stimuli

  • Replicating DNA

  • Catalyzing Metabolic Reactions

  • Transporting Molecules

  • Maintains Cell growth and repair

  • Produces anti bodies, which fights with illness and infections

  • Vital for healthy and long hair

  • Strengthens bones and nails

  • Helps in maintain a glowing and healthy skin

A myth has been prevalent from long time that vegetarians gets deficit of proteins. The statement however does not stand true, as there are many protein rich vegetarian substitutes of non-vegetarian foods. The foods Soya products, pulses, milk products, sprouts, are protein rich foods. Vegetarians need to add these new protein rich foods in their diets to meet the protein requirement of body.

Following are the rich protein sources for vegetarians:


It is a plant of the goosefoot family, which is found in the Andes. It has an extensive amount of protein for being a vegetarian food. Other than proteins, quinoa is also rich in potassium, fiber and minerals that inculcate the ‘feel good’ state in you.  It is gluten free has low Glycemic Index, Which helps in lowering your blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol.


It has enough protein count as compared to the meat sources. Avocados not only help you in right intake of proteins, but also help in providing other benefits like good metabolism, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They also are sources of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (good fats). They have more potassium than banana for the same quantity.


Six small beetroots have equal amount of proteins as in one chicken fillet.  That makes it a perfect substitute for meat. They are rich in antioxidants like betanin that promotes efficient liver function and have anti-inflammatory properties. It is low in calories and is a complete protein.


Soya milk is a good way to intake proteins without in taking much calories and fats. Soymilk is considered in a healthy diet and it is great in weight loss.  Make sure the Soymilk is organic, only then you will have pure milk, not treated with herbicides and pesticides in growing conventional soybeans.

5.Greek yogurt:

It is famous worldwide for its high protein content and lower fat content.  Greek yogurt has twice protein than the regular yogurt per 100 grams. It is great substitute of cream and provides 5 times more proteins than cream. Go for organic yogurt as it is made of organic milk and is free from growth hormones and antibiotics found in conventional milk.

6.Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is a tasty alternative to meat containing a good amount of protein.  One fourth of peanut butter is protein and is enough to satisfy the protein needs. Peanut butter is a good source of fiber and contains potassium & magnesium, which helps in good functioning of body. Liver benefiting Vitamin B-6 is also there. Make sure you do not eat it in excess if you want to lose weight.


3% of oats are proteins. Oats have a great quantity of betaglucans, which are proven in reducing cholesterol levels. They have a less level of glycaemic index, the appetitive generating element and hence keep you full for longer. Oats are also good source of antioxidants like selenium and manganese, which plays good roles in metabolism.

Therefore, these were vegetarian foods with rich proteins. Protein intake is inevitable for the right functions of body but the excess Is also bad, keep that in mind. Excess protein may lead to problems like kidney stone and thyroid. Make sure you take the right amount of protein everyday in the prescribe quantity.



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