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Handmade Soaps - A Healthier Approach To Bathing

Written by:Admin | Published In: Beauty and Skin care
27 July 2016

Before buying the sets of those ‘over-rated beauty bars’, just consider your choices once. The fancy ads make numerous fake promises. Whereas in reality, these detergent based soaps make our skin tight and dry, making it more prone to ageing.  The moisturizing element Glycerin is removed from those bars and dangerous chemical like SLS, Parabens and SLES are added. Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it and these chemical go into our body every single day!


Organic, all natural homemade soaps or REAL soaps. They can change an individual’s vision for bathing forever. Instead of harming you, the awesome bathing experience they provide you, will make you forget about all those glittery shower gels or always-offered multi soap packs.



No matter with what soap you take bath with, you get out of the shower feeling clean and scented. So what is so special about handmade soaps? Read to find out.


  • Handmade soaps make you feel good by leaving your skin soft, hydrated and smooth. Do you want to rub those cruel chemicals all over body? No is the answer. That is why I suggest using handmade soaps.
  • Handmade soaps provide Aromatherapy benefits as they are made up of Essential oils- same oils used in aromatherapy. That is the reason of incredible fragrances of handmade soaps.
  • Bathing with handmade soap relieves stress and arouse a good joyful mood.
  • Handmade soaps contain glycerin, a natural skin softener. It is quite expensive and is used in manufacturing most of the creams, lotions and moisturizers.
  • Handmade soaps as they are a blend of gentle ingredients like Shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil to give you a luxurious creamy bar with adorable lather and milky skin.
  • Handmade soaps slow down the ageing process by nourishing your skin with oils and butter.
  • Use Handmade soap as shampoo to get softer and smoother hair. Dry skin or dandruff will leave in no time.
  • You can even use Handmade soaps on kids. Trust me, they are even better than that ‘No More Tears’ formula.



If you thing change is the spice of life, you are going to love handmade soaps. These soaps come in large variety according to the different preferences of customers. You are going to enjoy buying and using handmade soaps just according to your own taste. Few of the delightful flavors of handmade soaps are Jasmine, Orange, Mint, Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Saffron, Alphonso and Almond.



Unlike commercial bars, handmade soaps are not available everywhere. Either buy them from the exclusive stores of the top brands or you can buy them online from  As they are large in variety, you can find out your desired fragrance by using the sampler kits. Following are some of the top handmade soaps. Click on the link and buy them right now:


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