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It just takes 1-2 hours to get serious sunburn. The symptoms may include blistering,
pain, swelling, tenderness and burnt red skin.

P.O CARE Aloe Moisturizing Sun Lotion SPF 30 PA+++
Rs 815

How To Avoid

Do not make the mistake of avoiding sunscreen.We recommend P.O CARE Aloe Moisturizing Sun Lotion SPF 30 PA+++ and staying away from sun in peak hours.

Bottega Di Lungavita SOL LEON After Sun Cream Face
Rs 990

How To Cure

Take cool showers and apply a soothing lotion.We recommend Bottega Di Lungavita SOL LEON After Sun Cream Face.



Tanning happens when UV rays penetrate into the skin and injure the skin cells. It may look nice on the outside but deep down your skin is being hurt. Even artificial tanning from tanning booths cannot stop sun damage.

Bio Bloom Anti Tan Oil
Rs 499

How To Avoid

Use an anti tan oil Bio Bloom Anti Tan Oil.

Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask
Rs 495

How To Cure

Follow some extremely helpful natural home remedies or Paraben Free facemask. We recommend Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask.



Summers are no less than torture for people with already oily skin. In scorching heat and humid temperature, these people end up having super oily dull skin.

Organic Harvest Sunscreen For Oily Skin
Rs 545

How To Avoid

Do not stress over oil clearing products and getting rid of oils, just focus on controlling it.Organic Harvest Sunscreen For Oily Skin.

Natural Bath and Body Scrub Face Wash - Red Clay
Rs 350

How To Cure

Cleansing is the key to controlling oiliness. Cleanse your face with a cleanser or face wash containing citric acid, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. We recommend Natural Bath and Body Scrub Face Wash - Red Clay.



Excessive sweating in summers leads to acne by clogging pores and giving rise to bacteria. Sunrays further aggravate the breakouts.

Aroma Treasures Acne Pimple Mini Combo
Rs 672

How To Avoid

keep cleaning your face and body, avoid going out in heat, stay away from sugary, and butter coated foods.Aroma Treasures Acne Pimple Mini Combo.

Votre Advance Daily Care Routine for Oily Skin
Rs 1,301

How To Cure

Say no to chemical based products and go for natural and organic ones. They don’t abet your existing acne and helps in getting rid of them. We recommend.Votre Advance Daily Care Routine for Oily Skin.

Dull Skin


Summer is the worst season for skin. Bright Sun rays damages our skin and makes it look dull and thirsty.

Thalgo Hydra-Marine 24H Cream
Rs 3,340
Rs 3,106

How To Avoid

Embrace a proper balanced diet, keep yourself hydrated and cover your skin all times with sunscreen.Use Thalgo Hydra-Marine 24H Cream.

Rs 1,750

How To Cure

Get your natural glow back by pampering your skin with a refreshing mask. We recommend Skin Green Tea Face Mask.

Hyper Pigmentation


Hyper pigmentation are small spots caused on the visible skin due to sun exposure. It happens with the increase of melanin, which protects the skin from harmful UV rays while causing pigmentation and other spots like freckles and ageing.

Rs 395

How To Avoid

Limit your time in sun exposure and always Avoid SPf before going under the sun.KRONOKARE SUN WARRIOR - BODY SUNSCREEN.

Natio Renew Line and Wrinkle Smoothing Serum
Rs 1,705
Rs 1,619

How To Cure

Find a chemical free anti pigmentation product to lighten the spots without any side effects. We recommend Natio Renew Line and Wrinkle Smoothing Serum.

Hair Damage


You might love summers, but your hair does not. The harmful sun exposure, humidity, beachy salt water can make your hair look worn out. Taking care of hair is as important as that of skin.

Rs 1,100

How To Avoid

Protect your hair before going out in the summer by either covering them or by using a protecting leave in treatment. We recommend Spa Ceylon Aloe Vera Watergrass Oil Mist Hair Styler.

Rs 2,650
Rs 2,252

How To Cure

Invigorating and repairing spa kits can restore your hair’s natural shine. We recommend Macadamia Luxe Travel Bag.

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